Fenty Beauty’s #SUNSTALKRBRONZER Released

Fenty Beauty's #SUNSTALKRBRONZER Released
Fenty Beauty's #SUNSTALKRBRONZER Released

When you wholly recovered from the news that Body Lava is back, Fenty Beauty has announced the newest way to make your skin glow: Sun Stall Instant Warmth Bronzer. But it is not just a bronze.

This is Fenty Beauty, a brand that is practically synonymous with liberal shade categories. So instead of a shed designed to work rough on all, Rihanna is a blessing, featuring an incredible bronzer of eight colors.

“A bronzer is not a shade that fits on everyone,” says the caption on an Instagram photo of a beautiful bronze Riri, who has spent the entire two years developing a range of natural warmth of all skin and shine brings the perfect pigment”.

Blendable Transfer-Resistant, Sun Stalak, promised: “Bronze medal after all year round”. Brand says the formula is an easy-to-use, light, smooth, creamy, soft-matte powder that enhances undertones, and it is clear from the swatch video that Fenty shades not only from light to dark but from the cold. It’s hot, too.

Fenty Beauty's #SUNSTALKRBRONZER Released
Fenty Beauty’s #SUNSTALKRBRONZER Released


Fans are excited for the upcoming launch, leaving comments on both Instagram and Twitter, such as “We’re getting closer and closer to all our makeup and I’m Stan,” and “This is the launch I need!” And this shed range is longer than the land of Bronzer. “OMG! I was just complaining about Bronzer and how everyone is for non-melanin girls,” one person wrote, while another said, “I gave up on bronzer years ago because I always do that.

If you’re as enthusiastic as those fans (and I have no doubt that you are) then you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the right shade for yourself – plus the new cheek-hugging bronzer brush And Scaling Bronzer Brush. The $ 30 compact launches on fentybeauty.com and on 5 April in Sepora.

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