Find The Best Onlyfans Girls Accounts For The Money In 2021

Onlyfans Girls Accounts

Social media has become an inseparable element in this fast-changing society. It becomes a “juicy source of income” for many people. One of the not-so-recent social media which is a promising platform to earn money is OnlyFans girls accounts. Here is best onlyfans accounts.

OnlyFans girls accounts is a subscription platform that charges users to be able to view specific creators. Unlike other social media platforms, it allows creators to get paid from the fans’ and followers’ subscriptions as well as special requests. 

The platform grows bigger than ever during the pandemic. To be frank, OnlyFans started with X-rated and adult content, sex worker, and also girls sharing their daily photos. Today the platform has expanded to various genres other than adult-related stuff such as body positivity, fitness, cosplay, lifestyle, and many others. 

Lots of celebrities and online figures have created their own accounts to share exclusive things they don’t freely share on their other platforms (read more). If you are a beginner in OnlyFans, here are some of the best accounts where you can get bang for your buck.

  1. Celebrities

Celebrities also spread their fanbase to OnlyFans. Here, they share anything from album sneak peek to daily life routine for the users. 

Cardi B – Cardi is one of the top earners in OnlyFans just a moment after creating an account. Her fanbase is just unbelievable, and with a considerably cheap subscription, she posts about album promotion. Though she only had six visible photos, she had been active on the platform, so more great content is on the way. 

Pia Mia – An actress and singer, Pia Mia, becomes one of the top earners in OnlyFans. Sharing the inside of her lifestyle, her subscription fee is only 10 dollars per month—such a good price to get closer to the actress and get to know her personality. 

Bella Thorn – Bella Thorn probably is the most controversial figure in OnlyFans. Her earning one million dollars within the same day as the account was created made a huge impact on the platform. With only 9.99 dollars per month of subscription, you can get private and explicit content from Bella Thorn. Aside from her unbelievable earning, Bella Thorn is believed to be the reason for OnlyFans policy Change, where she charges for nude photos. But still, you can get her pictures in lingerie if you subscribe. 

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2. Fitness Inspiration

Fitness Inspiration

Fitness also becomes a huge interest in the platform. People not only look up to the adult and sexual side but also search for inspiring and positive content. 

Jem Wolfie – popular on other social media platforms, the fitness influencer, Jem Wolfie also gained her popularity in OnlyFans quickly. With a massive fanbase, she has no difficulty building her empire on the platform. With a cheap subscription fee, you can get fitness inspiration and other private posts for only 5 dollars a month. 

3. Lifestyle 

Sharing their daily life is also one of the things people love to see. To be able to know what a famous figure does in everyday life is indeed worth the subscription. 

Haley Brooks – Haley Brooks offers high-quality content with a ‘luxury’ niche. You will get entertainment from her lavish videos, poolside photoshoots, and many more. Subscribers will also likely receive shorter videos that are different from what most people see on other social media. Though it is a short video, getting access to the daily dose of Haley Brooks should be amazing. 

Kacy Black – this world-class model stays at the top OnlyFans earners. Her subscribers will receive exclusive photos with only 4.99 dollars per month. As one of the most attractive subscriptions on OnlyFans, she is the best alternatives if you want to follow someone with real talents. 

4. Adult Content

Adult Content

The adult content becomes the main reason people join OnlyFans. The platform indeed allows its users to share adult content, but now it has restrictions for many reasons. One of the great figures to follow is for exclusive content. Here are also some of the daring ladies on the platform:

Mia Khalifa – as a former adult superstar, Mia Khalifa gains her popularity in an instance. With a solid established fan base, she builds her empire on the platform. Though she has a bit of rebranding, her contents are likely worth subscribing to. To be able to see her exclusive content, you have to subscribe for 11 dollars per month, such a generous price for a superstar like her. 

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Riley Reid – another well-known figure in the industry, you will receive hot and spicy content for a monthly subscription. With an average subscription price, you can get exclusive content to follow. You will also get the chance to get to know her better as she is so active on her account. 

5. Cosplay Account

Cosplay Account

Another great content to follow in OnlyFans is cosplay. This genre attracts lots of attention as there are some creators with top-notch cosplay talents. It will be at your loss if you do not check this wonderful cosplay account on the platform. 

Kanricos – also known as Kanri, makes her path to stardom with such unique looks. Frequently cosplaying famous fictional characters, she attracts an incredible amount of subscribers. Among other cosplaying accounts on the platform, Kanricos is the biggest one catering to the anime world and perfectly shows her body in creative costumes. 

Jessica Nigri – Jessica Nigri has turned into a cosplay queen on OnlyFans. Her subscribers on the platform receive frequent updates of cute and sexy pictures of her cosplay. She is a great figure to follow if you are into cosplay or anime things. With a decent subscription fee, you can support her and receives great content in exchange. 

OnlyFans girls accounts has transformed into a social media platform with an exclusive subscription. It is a great thing to be able to support your favorite content creator, so they can continuously provide excellent content. Though it is mainly aimed at adult users, you can also get exclusive content on creators’ personal life which is rare to see on other platforms. There are also other genres if you are interested in some creators with real talents, such as fitness or cosplay. 



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