Fitbit Versa latest Edition | Is Fitbit Versa 3 coming soon?

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Fitbit versa has become the game-changer in the context of tech-based healthcare gadgets. From regular joggers to fitness freaks, Fitbit versa is everyone, on every wrist. However, from time to time, the audience demands an update. In between this chaos, the buyers are waiting for the Fitbit’s latest edition of Versa, I .e.., Fitbit versa 3. To begin with, the buyers are highly curious if the Fitbit versa 3 release date is delayed? Let’s see what we know that can help you!

What is Fitbit Versa 3 new release date?

According to the last update, in early 2020, Vector Watch UK Limited in San Francisco announced that the new Fitbit Versa 3 will come out soon. However, after 3 months gone, the company has not dropped any hints. Is COVID-19 causing a delay in the launch of the new Fitbit Versa? Well! You have guessed that right! The 2020 year is very unfortunate as the CoronaVirus pandemic has already taken 234 thousand lives across the globe. On the contrary, the death toll in the UK is up to 26, 000, and counting till today. Thus, in this situation, the buyers and suppliers can also imagine how bigger the loss would be for Vector Watch to drop the latest edition in the middle of the epidemic. 

Fitbit Versa
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Hence, we regret to inform our readers that you will have to wait a little longer for the FV 3 launch. Till then, check out what features will new Fitbit versa hold.

Features of upcoming Fitbit by Vector Watch

As per the list of updates on Fitbit Versa 3, the buyers will enjoy the following latest features. Of course, we do not have any updates on the design yet. On the contrary, the company is settling the hopes high for its audience. Let’s check the features out:

Swim Proof Abstinent 

To begin with, expensive gadgets come with the most basic disadvantage, you cannot use them while swimming. However, not anymore. Good News for the swimmers who love to track their performance. The upcoming FV 3 is functional underwater. Thus, you can track your swimming performance up to 50 meters. Amazing, isn’t it?

Advanced Fitbit Versa Battery Back-up

To the reader’s surprise! Up until now, FV Charge 3 contained only 4-6 days battery backup on a single charge. However, the upcoming Fitbit versa 3 will hold advanced battery backup, a.k.a 7 days and over. 

Built-in Amazon and Alexa

To begin with, Fitbit versa 3 buyers in the times to come will not need a Smartphone in hand to control Alexa and Amazon because vector watches have updated its built-in design with Amazon and Alexa. Now, Alexa on your watch!

Music Store

Who does not love to enjoy his/her favorite music while working out? To be honest! Everyone, I must say. To begin with, Vector Watch UK Limited designers have given great thought of updating the next Fitbit Versa to storing music. That’s right! Play while you workout.

Thick and Thin…

For the most part, FV 2 launched in 2018 design was quite wide and thick as compared to Apple Smartwatches. But, now, it seems like the designers are putting the best in Fitbit 3 as it will come with 100% portability with this thin and narrow hardware design. Although, its software will be more effective and filled with many more features. 

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Fitbit Pay

In 2012, the world enjoyed its first online payment software via smartphones. However, 2020 is a year for Smartwatches because, in the upcoming FV 3, you can store your banking information and software. Further, make payment online using your Smartwatch. Hence, no need to carry a wallet when you wear Fitbit.

Exercise alarm

Of course, now and then, we become lazy and desire to skip an exercise session. How about a Smartwatch that reminds you and inspires you to get up and exercise? The reason being, that’s what FV 3 will do for you. So, are you ready to take command from your Smartwatch?

Android Support

Going out without your Smartphone? Nevermind! Because Fitbit Versa 3 is bringing an effective notion to your wrist. Yes! The upcoming design of Fitbit Versa is directly linkable to your Android phone. From making online payments to replying to text messages back to back, everything is on your wrist now!


In conclusion, of course, the readers are too excited for the Fitbit 3 of Vector Watch. But, sadly you will have to wait. In the meantime, you can take pleasure in the thought that the upcoming Fitbit versa will be 200% advanced and activate your healthy lifestyle like never before!


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