Five applications to improve students` educational achievements

Five applications to improve students educational achievements

Setting a high bar when it comes to academic performance, one is to demonstrate outstanding results that are to help one in the future career. However, in order to be perseverant, straightforward, and determined, a student needs some assistance from outside of academia. Meaning it is widely known that there is a plethora of homework assignments that one must complete during the defined amount of time, which, sometimes, may well be hectic and taxing. For instance, there is a lot of essays a graduate allocates to write, and if you don’t have enough time to cope with them all but still want to reach an educational goal, research papers for sale are right what you are currently in need of. Besides, have a glimpse at the apps that are likely to boost your scholarly success.

Cite This For Me

Citations are generally considered to be a fatal attraction throughout academia for the reason that there is the bulk of academic essays you must write, and even though you meet the deadline, your content is fabulous, but the citation is wrong – you are either fail or get a lower grade. Cite This For Me is a beneficial application that generates citations for free. Moreover, the website also saves your last citations without having an account, so you are sure to have your sources for further use, if need be, of course. You have a variety of options to find your sources, starting with the link and DOI, and ending with manual settings where you can provide the year of publishing, the edition, and whatsoever. The app is entirely free, so make sure you bookmark this tab. 


By the same token, if you aspire to boost your academic performance, you have to convey your thoughts on a paper clearly, accurately, and concisely. It is highly recommended to use a Character Counter With Spaces for creative writing which helps you to easily keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text. And here comes Grammarly, which stands for a diversity of things related to writing. First off, the app has two versions, free and paid ones. For the first time, the free version will completely fulfill your needs, which are syntax and lexicon. However, the paid option makes some steps further. Not only will you be able to correct your grammar mistakes, but also you will have an opportunity to change the overall tone of your written discourse, changing specific words for more suitable ones. In addition, you can select the audience you will be writing an essay for, which means that you may well pick a strictly official and knowledgeable group or vice versa. Most importantly, if you don’t work in Goggle Docs yet, Grammarly might be an extra motivation to switch to Docs because you can write your paper in GD simultaneously correcting your mistakes in the app. 

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Thesaurus Dictionary

Not to mention Thesaurus, the app you should use on a daily basis to enrich your speech with unusual and fancy words. The application aims to provide you with a multitude of synonyms for a specific term. Likewise, it can display your extensive vocabulary while writing any papers. Sorted by the best match, you are likely to use suggested words correctly, avoiding any confusion. What is more, the app also gives you lots of antonyms so that you embellish your word book more efficaciously. The app is entirely free and has various options. For instance, it has a dictionary, which is an excellent app for word enthusiasts and everyone that has to read an abundance of books on diverse topics, where he/she can face tricky words. The dictionary makes it easy to search the explanation of each and every word you may not be sure about. Plus, the app lets you check what words your colleagues around are looking for.


Each year you are obliged to purchase many new textbooks to continue your study. As follows, sometimes it might break the bank considering the prices of brand new books. However, there is a solution, and it is called Chegg. Chegg is a free app that allows you to rent books you are in dire need. If the books you are looking for is present in the app, put it in order. Every time you can cancel your rental, and similarly, if it happens that you need the precise textbook again, lease it again. The app is straightforward to use and is worth giving a try. 

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It goes without saying that a plethora of students prefers to take notes traditionally, with a pen and a piece of paper, notebook, etc. However, sometimes it can happen that you lost the diary, or spilled coffee on in so that nothing is visible in it. Evernote is a great substitute that provides you with a myriad of features a long-established notebook hasn’t even dreamt about. For instance, you can synchronize your notes across all your devices, which saves your time and space in your bag. Secondly, you are likely to add any pictures, images, and diagrams in your notes since there is a need to do that. And last but not least, you can share your notes with your classmates and edit them in real-time. The app has a free and paid options, so check the website to get more info, which one suits you the best.


Students are highly vulnerable individuals in terms of leisure time, which means that they have a tightly designed schedule that doesn’t leave any free time and may well cause a decreased efficiency. Indubitably, it is true. But in order to increase productivity and, consequently, become more lucrative accomplishing academic goals, you are highly encouraged to use the aforementioned apps, which, being free and easy-to-use, aim to boost your performance in terms of fundamental things, such as writing essays, reading, and effectively taking notes.


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