Forbes includes just one woman in its list of 100 innovators


American business magazine Forbes found itself at the receiving endwise the web once it printed an inventory of America’s one hundred Most Innovative Leaders and enclosed only 1 girl within the index Rentler ranked 75 on the list, and her name was published without a photo–unlike 91 men featured on the list. Some claimed the avatar, which stood as a placeholder for Rentler’s photo, was of a man’s silhouette.

The list includes ninety-nine men and Barbara Rentler, CEO of Ross Stores – she is the only woman in it at the 75th spot on the index. The rankings are bestowed by HSBC Bank because the list explains: “Who area unit the foremost artistic and no-hit business minds of today?”

Netflix business executive Reed Hastings is on the fifth spot whereas Microsoft business executive Satya Nadella is on range six. Apple business executive Tim Cook is on the eighth spot on the list.

Forbes includes just one woman in its list of 100 innovators
Forbes includes just one woman in its list of 100 innovators

In the report that attended the list, Forbes mentioned that business school professors Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr collaborated with consultant Curtis Lefrandt to “measure four essential leadership qualities” of the innovative leaders.

“The researchers then stratified these visionaries in a very high-powered choice of one hundred innovators at prime United States of America firms,” Forbes wrote in its report. Beyond the dearth of girls, several found out that the list is crammed with preponderantly white men.

Twitter, meanwhile, isn’t solely frowning regarding the very fact that only 1 girl created it to the list however additionally as a result of Barbara Rentler’s image hasn’t been enclosed within the index additionally.

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The profile image in Barbara Rentler’s case is blank on the list. “You should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s 2019 and America’s Most Innovative Leaders is ninety-nine MEN AND ONE WOMAN? Un-bloody-believable,” Cindy Gallop tweeted. Several others followed suit.


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