Four Tips to Increase Brand Awareness


You have probably agonised over brand awareness at some point on your business journey. It is much more than logo design and brand values. With good brand awareness, most people with an internet connection will have heard of your brand and business. With poor brand awareness, nobody will have heard of you, and you’ll struggle to generate leads and make sales.

With this in mind, let’s look at ways we can generate that all-important brand awareness.

Social Media for your brand

Despite the criticisms of social media, it remains an amazing business tool. With the right strategy, you can reach people through promoting content, both your own and content related to your business.

There are several techniques for building brand awareness on social media. It is best to bring in a specialist to keep your time free to run the business. A good specialist will be able to:

  • Build followers.
  • Build trust.
  • Promote engaging content.
  • Manage public perception.

As a minimum, you should have a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re in retail, you should have Pinterest, and if you do business to business, you should have LinkedIn. If you can produce videos, ensure you have a YouTube channel and a presence on Tik-Tok.

Envelope Branding

Generally, whenever you communicate with a client or customer, your branding should be visible. This starts at the envelope. Envelope branding not only creates professionalism, but depending on what’s inside, it creates feelings of excitement, joy, and anticipation. Think about how you feel when you receive an Amazon parcel.

Businesses like have taken this the extra mile by providing different envelope types. Again, this builds brand awareness, cementing your business in the minds of your customers and clients.

Paid Ads for Brand

Paid ads are arguably the go-to for building brand awareness. With the right targeting, you can put your brand’s in the palm of a potential client and customer’s hand for a relatively low cost.

Tech giants such as Google and Facebook have made building brand awareness campaigns very easy. It is an option in their ad management tools, and this is also true of other social media platforms such as Pinterest.

Thanks to what can only be called AI-driven advanced targeting options, you can home in on the right demographics for better ad placement. The better your ad placement, the better your brand awareness.

Again, this is a specialised field, and it is worth hiring experts unless you have the time and knowledge to do it yourself.


As well as online ads, you may want to consider advertising on billboards. This is essentially about placement, as you want plenty of people seeing your brand’s as they drive past it, or better, where there walk past it. Advertising works on the subconscious level to a degree. You consume more information walking than driving, as you are not focused on the road.

Usually, there is a range of options with billboards, and it is worth the time to explore options with management companies.

Final Thoughts

If you can associate your brand’s with your business in people’s minds, you have mastered brand awareness. Think Nike for running shoes or BMW for upmarket cars. This is what brand awareness does.

No matter how big or small your business, you can utilise brand awareness for great things.


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