FTM Trade Review — Is FTM Trade a Scam or Legit Broker?

FTM Trade Review

FTM Trade Review

In an industry with a daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion, you need a reliable partner to work with. Thousands of active traders choose FTM Trade as their platform for investments. With a rich selection of financial instruments and a long history of successful business operations in FX markets, this broker is among the best companies offering online brokerage services to both individual and institutionalized investors.

What makes FTM Trade great?

The company has many advantages that allow it to stand out in the crowd. With a stellar track record and a small army of devoted investors, the broker managed to build a good reputation in the industry. However, they attained customers with several key aspects.

  • Robust infrastructure. From a very stable trading terminal that never has any discrepancies with live data to incredibly resilient safety layers, the company excels in many technological aspects. Their infrastructure is one of the best in the market.
  • Excellent customer care. The support team will quickly come to aid whenever you have problems with the web platform or the mobile app. It is hard to find a more responsive team in the industry. While the team feels stressed and overstretched during busy times, they still manage to promptly assist.
  • A variety of investment products. FTM Trade offers its services to a wide range of investors. Whether you want to focus on building a diverse portfolio that will generate passive income or aim to be among the best day traders, you will find something useful in the catalog of this broker.
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What makes FTM Trade stumble?

While such distinct advantages make the broker a very attractive choice for all kinds of traders, there are some downsides to their platform that we must mention. For example, the trading terminal is somewhat lacking in terms of functionality. It looks nice and works perfectly fine, but sophisticated traders using a large variety of analytical tools in their work will find the arsenal of tools limiting.

At the same time, withdrawals take up to 5 business days which is an industry-standard, but it takes more than 3 business days on average to receive a payment which is slightly lower than the market standard.

The mobile app from FTM Trade

A mobile app is a multifunctional tool that should be in the arsenal of every trader in the industry. The app allows you to stay active in the market even when you spend time away from your PC. You can continue trading even when attending parties, commuting to work, or just relaxing on a beach.

Education at FTM Trade

The modern world of investing is quite different from what it was just two decades ago. The influx of people who were able to manage their finances created a natural need for more educational materials provided by brokers. Simultaneously, the burden of decision-making is now wholly on your shoulders. You must educate yourself to make informed investment moves.

FTM Trade has a knowledge hub with lots of different materials that allow all types of users to quickly learn more about the industry. Tutorials, analytical articles, and webinars will give you just enough information to not stumble during your first weeks. However, you should most certainly focus on obtaining more knowledge!

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Banking at FTM Trade

The broker offers a diverse selection of payment methods to ensure that clients can choose the most convenient way to both deposit and withdraw funds. Visa and MasterCard are excellent choices for moments when you need money right here and right now. If your situation on the market demands instant delivery, select this option.

Withdrawals to bank accounts are possible only if you have verified your identity with the support team. Make sure to undergo the verification process as soon as possible!

The verdict

FTM Trade offers a deep catalog of investment products that many investors will find quite appealing. It is a brand with a strong reputation and good user reviews. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner in this industry, take a closer look at this broker!


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