10 Fun Things You’ve Been Missing Out On As a Result of The Lockdown

Result of The Lockdown

The outbreak of the novel coronal virus greeted all with the unexpected, and the fact that this pandemic spread like wildfire at an exponential rate makes it scarier, the advent of this pandemic was first discovered from Yuhan in China in 2019 and it later spread to other parts of the world. The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus brings to bear the saying that, “man proposes but God disposes” as nations of the world and individuals have their plans for the year 2020 on hold as a result of the lockdown

The advent of the novel Corona Virus has proven many people wrong, likewise, it has forced many into discovering new hobbies and events that can engage them as they obey the stay at home order. The sting of boredom bites hard, most especially for the social ones, those who always want to meet people and go to new places, now that stay at home is a rule- boredom is the real thing. 

This compulsory holiday holds many to ransom as many couldn’t go out for their daily routines, no one could have imagined the whole world going on compulsory holiday. The closure of many country’s borders and economies in a bid to curtail the exponential spread of this virus deprived many of their socioeconomic routines. Many will not want to imagine a whole lot of fun they are missing out on as lockdown and FOMO, The fear of missing out on events, hangouts parties, and other engagements engulf their hearts, and the fun to be missed during this stay at home rule/lockdown are enormous. Result of the lockdown-;

  1. Weekend Party

To start with, the weekend party is one fun time that is greatly missed, it is usually one moment that most people look forward to with great enthusiasm, but one major feature that makes weekend memorable is wining, dining and parting with family, friends and loved ones. The weekend is not only a moment away from stress or work but it also serves as a time of reunion as many get together. The weekend party comes in different shades-birthday, child christening, graduation, wedding and a long list of other types of parties and it is usually determined by the host. 

  1. Rush Hour 

Another hectic but funny sight that lockdown is depriving most dwellers of the urban area is the rush hour experience in megacities, rush hour in megacities is usually an alloy of sweet and sour as some folks ride in their exotic cars home while others go to terminals to join trains or buses. For friendly folks, this is surely another fun time to meet new friends from different works of life, even if the usual hectic traffic holdup is one major facet of the rush hour many will still miss that feeling that accompanies rush hours.  

  1. Fridays-TGIF
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 Employers and employees in megacities usually go through stress from Monday to Friday, and their stress ranges from travelling a far distance every day to work, spending a long time in traffic holdups, and chiefly amongst it is, the task of meeting up with the target of their organizations. Since Friday marks the end of work for the week, workers-employers/employees usually breathe a sigh of relief by exclaiming “TGIF-thank God it’s Friday” and this feeling of rest after the week’s work is greatly missed now that many have a lot of nothing to do indoor.

  1. Night Clubbing

The phrase, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” gained popularity every Fridays when there was no lockdown, many employees and business owners who have been busy with work from Monday to Friday usually sigh with relief and exclamation the phrase TGIF- thank God it’s Friday, all because of the plan to catch up with a date or friend at their regular rendezvous. For folks who visit Clubs on weekends basis, the lockdown has deprived them of all the fun they enjoy clubbing.

  1. Seeing Movie at the Cinema

 In the spirit of “Thank God It’s Friday” the weekend greets with the enthusiasm of reuniting with friends. Lovers, friends and family members go out on a date, and the Cinema is one of the go-to places, the serenity of the cinema locks one out of the reality of life stress, burden and the struggles of the week, it infuses one with the anaesthetic presence of movies which lures the soul to the state of relaxation, fun and also increases the bond between lovers. Since weekends are usually loaded with the fun of site seeing many folks just don’t want to wake up on Monday to face the reality of Monday morning. 

  1. One on one conversation/hangout

 One sure fact is that everybody misses face to face or one on one conversation or hang out with friends and buddy, one may not know how much some friends and buddy mean before the stay at home rule/lockdown put asunder, thanks to various social media apps- Zoom, Instagram, Facebook and the host of others but there’s no way social media interaction will suitably substitute one on one conversation of shaking hands, hugging, patting and cuddling friends and loved ones.

  1. Religious gathering
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Religious gathering is one fun time for religious folks to reunite with God. Muslim faithful kick start weekend religious gathering from Friday Jumat, they are usually dressed in nice attire to their various praying grounds, while Christians warm-up for Sunday, their time for hot praise and worship session accompanied with harmonious sound from the instrumentalist. 

  1. Watching Football match

 I would have categorized seeing a movie at the cinema with watching a football match, but the role of Soccer in 21st-century society cannot be jettison or seen as irrelevant. As a unifying and popular sporting activity, there is the need to classify this under an independent head. The likes of Champions, Premier League, and Laliga are greatly missed during this period of staying at home. Lockdown is not allowing match fixtures and this is depriving Football lovers of the fun that comes with watching their team win or the pain of losing a match.

  1. Business Routines

No one will dispute the fact that the act of making money is the greatest fun any man can have since money makes the world go round. however, the lockdown and stay at home order deprived many SMEs the ability to do their business routines as they are under lock and key, while big firms are scampering for their breathe as most of their activities have to be regimented to online platforms thereby reducing the need for human participation.  

  1. Music Concert

Music concerts usually serve as a hangout and rendezvous for lovers and friends alike, for every music lover one nostalgic moment that is greatly missed is seeing talented musicians/performing artiste on stage doing one of our favourite songs, it is so intriguing, and on the other hand as a result of the lockdown, artiste seeing crowd and fans miming their songs gives a sense of accomplishment and also test the level of acceptance of their brand in the public domain. 

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