Get a Successful Cisco 300-115 Exam Mark with Exam Dumps and More!


If you want to explore new opportunities in your IT career, consider getting Cisco certified. Cisco certifications are integral additions to your professional profile. Earning these is not just a way to develop your skills but also a way to boost your career. Hence, if you are interested in advancing your knowledge and skills in different network solutions, take the CCNP Routing & Switching certification and you’ll be a sought-after IT professional in no time!

To earn CCNP R&S you should pass three exams, one of which is 300-115. This test will be covered in the article below, thus you’ll know its requirements, features, and the most popular and useful preparation materials to use.

But firstly, let’s start with the general information about the CCNP R&S badge.

A Suitable Cisco Certification for Engineers and Technicians

Cisco CCNP Routing & Switching is a credential for network specialists who want to get to the next professional level. With this certification, you can work efficiently and independently because of your validated skills in routing and switching.

But before you pursue Cisco CCNP SWITCH 300-115 Practice Test Questions, you will be required to present your CCNA R&S or any CCIE credential first. This prerequisite is substantial so that it will be much easier when you take the CCNP certification exams. Aside from the credentials requirement, you also need to have at least 1-year networking solutions background. After, you can schedule your 3 exams, which along with 300-115 also include 300-101 and 300-135, on the Pearson VUE website, pay a registration fee of $300 for each of them, and start the preparation!

Main Objectives Tackled in Cisco 300-115 Exam

There are so many things to know about 300-115 test. But don’t fret because you can follow through all the main objectives by checking out the official exam content available on Cisco’s website. To help you familiarize the topics beforehand, let’s have a quick summary of the core features included in the exam.

Cisco 300-115 focuses on basic switch administration and some complex switch networks. This exam consists of 45 to 55 questions that are to be answered within 2 hours. You can choose between English and Japanese languages.

First and foremost, the test expands on fundamental switch features and networks. These include Layer 2 technologies and protocols, along with infrastructure maintenance and service. Each of these main concepts comes with sub-topics that you need to fully understand so there’s no possible room for knowledge gaps.

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Of course, it’s never enough to just familiarize the exam topics. You need to work meticulously to cover all imperative information about the assessment. To help you in your preparation process, here are some effective tips that you can take into account.

Some Effective Tips to Earn a Successful Exam Mark

Create Your Own Study Plan

Using Cisco’s SWITCH study material, you can study and learn at your preferred time. You will be provided with various references for each main topic. The best option is the “Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks”, which is a collection of self-paced references, including lectures, videos, and labs. This material is available at the Cisco Learning Network Store for $750.

Take the Classroom Training

Oftentimes, studying at your own pace can take a toll on your learning. Yes, you will acquire new knowledge but on a limited scope only. So if you want to secure insights not just from online materials or books, it’s best to have the instructor-led lecture. This classroom training is definitely recommended if you prefer a fast-paced yet highly practical way of learning. With the help of a Cisco specialist, you will become more adept with the switching features and functions that are needed in an organization. This 5-day material gives you two options, either a physical classroom setup or a virtual one.

Practice Your Skills with Hands-On Labs

Enhance your technical proficiency with Cisco’s modeling labs and Virtual Internet Routing Lab from Pearson. Ideally, you should not just depend on plain reading; there’s a need for you to apply your knowledge into action. So to check your skills, avail of these two hands-on lab environments and continue harnessing your ability.

Check Out ExamSnap’s List of VCE Files

Another practical way to assess your skills is through answering exam dumps. Luckily, you don’t need to look further because there’s ExamSnap. This site is such an instrumental source of the dumps for all sorts of certification exams. Their dumps for Cisco 300-115 are divided into two options ―free practice questions and a paid premium bundle.

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Download their free vce files, together with their VCE Player, to improve your technical skills and learn new information. Their premium bundle, in particular, is highly suggested if you want to have access to the finest exam questions and first-rate training lectures, now it costs $39,97. It includes a premium file with questions and answers, that are checked and proven by IT specialists, along with a training course and a study guide. All these materials and practice in the VCE Software will make your preparation journey easier and help you reduce your anxiety when taking the real test.

Be Part of the CCNP R&S Study Group

Share ideas and information to fellow 300-115 examinees. One of the best ways to acquire more knowledge is to attend a CCNP R&S study group. The great thing about Cisco is that it pioneers a specific study group for specific certification exams. As a result, you just choose your study group, make connections, and learn without limits.

Recent Changes Affecting the CCNP Certification Program

There’s something that you need to know about Cisco’s certification program. All current CCNP R&S tests will soon be retired by February 23, 2020. Accordingly, by February 24, 2020, the new CCNP Enterprise will be welcomed to substitute the pensioned off certification exams (300-101, 300-115, and 300-135).

If you have started working with your 300-115, you can continue with your preparation because your CCNP R&S will then be credited to the new CCNP Enterprise once it goes live.


You can use this blog as your reference so you will no longer have a hard time looking for the best materials to use and important tips to take into account. All the mentioned resources are tested by a lot of candidates. So the modeling labs, the ExamSnap dumps, the instructor-led training, and other methods are helpful, and you only need to choose the most convenient for you. Everything is already prepared and all you’ve got to do is to invest your time and effort. So before the Cisco 300-115 exam gets replaced, make sure you kick off your preparation as early as now!



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