GFE Markets Review — Scam or Not? A Detailed Review GFE Markets Review

GFE Markets

The broker stands out from the competition by offering a rich catalog of financial instruments that allow traders to trade efficiently and engage with markets using result-oriented strategies. With low fees, flexible margins, and other beneficial services, the brand manages to attract thousands of international clients that are eager to invest with GFE Markets. It is one of the best companies in the industry famous for its intense competition and extraordinarily high expectations from users.

Safety measures used by GFE Markets

One of the biggest concerns that any contemporary internet user has is the safety of the personal information that they share with web services. GFE Markets has a robust backend that can prevent any cyber attack meaning that any data stored on their servers is protected from unauthorized access. At the same time, the company ensures that even communications are encrypted and cannot be read by any bad actor.

The privacy policy employed by the company is strict and states that GFE Markets never shares user data with its business partners, third-party vendors, or any other entity except law enforcement organizations when required by court orders.

The trading terminal at GFE Markets

Without sufficiently reliable analytical tools, you won’t be able to make profits consistently. While you can always use external tools like MetaTrader4 or TradingView, there will be opportune moments to enter the market when you don’t have these advanced tools at your disposal. In such moments, being able to thoroughly analyze the market situation with tools provided by the broker is a priceless advantage.

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GFE Markets has one of the best terminals among brokerage service providers. The terminal has an informative chart that displays information about the price in real-time and a rich arsenal of technical indicators that will help you make the right decision.

Customer support of GFE Markets

The company will always come to your aid when you need it. Use one of the numerous communication channels offered by GFE Markets to contact support employees. E-mails are great for cases when you have a complicated issue that will be too hard to describe in live chat or over the phone. Live chats are usually the best form of talking to support technicians. You can expect to receive a response in a matter of minutes!

Users talk about GFE Markets

Testimonials about the company are mostly positive. Users overwhelmingly praise the platform for the variety of assets they can trade and outstanding technology that ensures that orders are executed quickly and reliably without any bugs or delays. Many users say that banking is reliable and that they had a pleasant experience talking to support employees.

Negative reviews are often focused on users losing money when trading which is not something that brokers have anything to do with. Another gripe that users have with the platform is that withdrawals can be delayed by up to 5 — 7 business days.

Pros and cons of GFE Markets

There are several distinct benefits that many clients of this broker enjoy and appreciate:

  • State-of-the-art technology. The web platform is well-designed and has many features making the user experience memorable and satisfying. The website uses SSL certificates, and other data encryption technologies and the mobile app is on par with the best applications released to app stores.
  • Good trading conditions. Day traders enjoy low fees and access to leverage. Newcomers will be happy to learn that they can use margin accounts without any issues and obstacles. It significantly reduces the entry point for those who do not have a large capital.
  • Reliable banking. The variety of methods to deposit and withdraw funds is great, but the fact that transactions are never lost is an even bigger deal!
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We did not notice any significant downsides of the service when reviewing it except those already mentioned in the section on user reviews.

The verdict

GFE Markets is not a scam by any means. It is a reliable company that you will most likely enjoy working with. The rich catalog of investment packages and intriguing financial products will impress even veterans!


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