GHOST Streams Psychedelic : New Song “Kiss The Go-Goat” Release date and other details

GHOST Streams Psychedelic : New Song
GHOST Streams Psychedelic : New Song "Kiss The Go-Goat" Release date and other details

Ghost launches a new song and music video titled “Kiss The Go-Goat”, taken from their thriving new EP “7 Inches Of Satanic Panic”, which will launch in stores later this year through Loma Vista Recordings.

GHOST is a Grammy-winning Swedish rock band that has released a video for its new song “Kiss The Go-Goat”.

The audio will be included on a new short term-edition seven-inch single which will be launched on September 27. “Kiss The Go-Goat” will be followed by another new track, “Mary On A Cross”.

GHOST Streams Psychedelic : New Song "Kiss The Go-Goat" Release date and other details

A press release gave the following back story for GHOST’s new track: “During the summer of 1969, a new band called GHOST, led by Papa Nihil played its first song at the Whisky A Go-Go on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

The show was to commemorate GHOST’s first launch on Galaxy Recordings, ‘Seven Inches of Satanic Panic’, which was the double-A-side seven-inch track featuring ‘Kiss The Go-Goat’ and ‘Mary On A Cross’.

This original GHOST followup eventually broke up and the single, its tapes, and the band’s only promotion and a live concert of ‘Kiss The Go-Goat’ ever recorded, were lost, that is till recently when the audios and the Super 8 footage were found and recovered by Papa Nihil.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, GHOST’s ‘Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic’: ‘Kiss The Go-Goat’ and ‘Mary on A Cross’ will be re-launched by Loma Vista on September 27 and can be ordered in advance via GHOST’s web site and from all platforms.

GHOST is popularly known for special, short term-edition items that have been bound to its various album launches —for “Ceremony & Devotion”, an eight-track edition and for “Prequelle”, a seven-inch die-cut-as-rats vinyl disc of the album’s first single track “Rats”, providing the album on a variety of colorful cassette tapes, and the geometric cover for “Prequelle”‘s special vinyl edition along with five alternate covers for the sales edition.

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