Google biometrics


Are you one of those million individuals who save their passwords on their devices or use a separate app to remember them for you? Although it’s proven that it’s more secure than keeping your passwords written down on a piece of paper somewhere, this process too is not without its own set of hindrances. It brings with itself a security hazard that, in today’s world is hard to ignore: the threat of creepy hackers accessing all your private accounts and the information they contain within. Worry no more, for ‘All-father’ Google has plans to get it all covered. Even though the plans are yet at a prototype stage and haven’t yet been incorporated, the buzz on the web is that Google is exploring the option of adding biometric scans to its Android Autofill feature for password and payments. This means, once officially applied to all devices, the Autofill feature on your Android device will prompt you every single time to provide a biometric security such as your fingerprint, face or iris scan, so that your device may autofill the requisite password for you on the respective Google app or any website on your Chrome browser. And unlike now, without your biometric permits, your device will no longer fill in the information.

Google biometrics
Google biometrics

One could even personalize the settings and choose to use this feature not only for credentials but also for the purpose of making payments. Until now, it is still unclear as to when Google would officially roll out this biometric security feature for all android devices. However, what’s clear is that once released, all your credentials and payment information are literally subject to your personal touch and glance. In other words, one could say goodbye to the less secure Android Autofill password manager and say hello to a better and much more unassailable password manager.


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