Google’s Newly Launched Emulator makes Android Automotive Development easier then before


With both the Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 set to launch sometime in 2020, there’s still sometime before the first slate of Android Automotive cars make their way to consumers.

Thankfully, Google is making it easier for developers to create apps for the infotainment system to ensure a smooth experience for early adopters.

The company says it’s rolling out a new version of the Android Automotive emulator that includes the Google Play Store.

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That means they can test everything about an app, including downloading and installing it, without having to wait for a car actually running Android Automotive.

Google's Newly Launched Emulator makes Android Automotive Development easier then before
Google’s Newly Launched Emulator makes Android Automotive Development easier than before

Simpler than ever 

With its close ties to Android Auto, Google adds that it’s simple to port over any existing experiences to Android Automotive, with the company showing off examples from Amazon and Audioburst.

All of this is good news if you plan to hop on Android Automotive early since Google is taking the right steps to ensure the system has a compelling third-party ecosystem at launch.

The lower barrier of entry may mean you’ll also see apps from more than just the big names like Spotify.

Keep an eye out 

The company also has its eyes on the future. In May, Google said that it eventually plans to allow third-party developers to create more than just media apps. The company hasn’t said when that will happen, but at some point, dev shops will be able to port their navigation and communication platforms over as well.

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Keeping the user in mind

Along with media apps, it is a good thing that Android Automotive will also integrate Google Assistant and Google Maps. It is evident that Google has simplified everything for the Android app developers, and had rendered a great deal of UI customization to carmakers so that they can deliver an optimized and innovative experience to the users.


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