Google’s Pixel 4 to be launched next week; here’s what we expect


Google’s Pixel 4 to be launched next week : Here in New York, the climate is crisp and the leaves have started to turn crimson and brown. That can only imply one thing: hardware season is on us.

Backdropped by cloudy, grey Manhattan skies, Google is set to seize to the stage on Tuesday, October 15, to swell its just-in-time-for-the-vacations hardware line.

As ever, the incident will be headlined by the newest version of the firm’s flagship smartphone, the Pixel. But this incident has always been stored.

The Google Nest (née Home) cord has long been an apex. This time of the previous year, we got our initial peek at the firm’s very good Home Hub smart exhibit.

Google Pixel 4 will be unveiled next week

Based on the rumors, this year is converting up to be a veritable cascade of Google Hardware news. In improvement to multiple Pixel editions, we are also anticipating a new improvement to the Pixelbook line and, maybe even a new haul on the firm’s lukewarmly received Pixel Buds.

This much we can tell for sure. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are arriving soon. Google’s not done an extremely good job keeping its new gadget under wraps. The justifications are likely two-fold.

First, trickles happen. There are a lot of points of failure when inaugurating a new phone. The thing gets out. That said, the firm has felt the pain of postponing smartphone sales as great as anyone. It is certainly not above priming the rumor pump.

The phone has been seeping for many months now, comprising a fresh batch of marking pictures that dropped this dawn, courtesy of Evan Blass.

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The huge constant among the leaks so far has been the firm’s adoption of an identical trypophobia-inducing circle-in-square camera habit as the latest iPhone. This is just how gadgets look now, I think.


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