Guide to Becoming a Top Freelance Consultant

Top Freelance Consultant

Working a regular job it’s not your thing? You don’t like to stay at a 9 to 5 regular job and think it is the time to start something new? If your answer is yes, you may want to become a top-leading freelancer consultant. All you need is patience and clients. But, what do you have to do to reach out to that point? In the next articles, you’ll find a step-by-step guide. Read it carefully and start your new job like a PRO. Before we look into a guide to becoming a top freelance consultant, we would suggest you to visit Detail Marketing to contact the best consultant in this regard.

Find your niche

Is your niche associated with gambling or operators like Leo Vegas casino India, camming, programming, or assisting? You have a talent and want to develop your skills, but you have not decided what to do yet. What happens to many freelancers and it’s totally fine. Take a few moments, analyze your skills, and think about what services you can offer to your future clients. To help you with that, we created a list of the most popular freelancing niches/careers you can follow.

  • If you are good at organizing things, you want to opt for a virtual assistant job 
  • If you like to write advertorials or informative articles, you can be a great content writer
  • If you know how to optimize texts or correct them you can be an SEO professional or a proofreader
  • If you know lots of languages, you can provide translation for international companies
  • If you already have a degree related to design niches, you can provide renderings, paintings, or design products
  • If you learned how to program, you can create lots of video games, websites and be an exceptional programmer freelancer

Set goals

After making a decision, did you set your goals? Have you made a plan with your freelancing career and decide how high you aim for this? Setting goals is one of the difficult parts you have to think of when you are a freelancer. Sometimes, your earnings can differ from month to month as you’ll get different clients with different workloads. To secure this, try to bond with your best clients and form a win-win relationship. Be competitive and stand out from the crowd. 

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As you know, many freelancing platforms can make you more visible. All you need to do is to pay on a weekly/monthly basis a fixed amount of money and your bids will be more visible. The prices are usually cheap and quite affordable. Once you set up your account, we advise you to write in your bio a short description of yourself and your goals. You should be trustworthy to make someone be a client for a long time. Just remember to:

  • Set your objectives first and then your goals
  • Create qualitative products/content/games/etc.
  • Be responsive and attract new clients 

Create your offerings

It’s not too hard to create your offering. Think about how much time you spend working on your niche and analyze other freelancers to see other prices. Try to compete with them to catch the attention of potential clients faster. But, don’t ever go cheap or overprice your services because you may risk working too much or not being efficient. In the end, it’s your time, your work and your attention to the task, details or project you need to create. 

Also, you can create a portfolio and add to it the potential prices you charge for some services. Add a short side note where you write that some of the prices can vary according to the workload. In this way, it will be easier to negotiate with your customer. 


Target your audience as fast as you can and start doing that from your profile and portfolio. Add important details about all your services and for who they are made. Then, go and search at freelancing platforms for potential clients and start to bid on their projects. 

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You will compete with other freelancers and, if you are on the same page with your employer, he may want to go to your profile and check something out. That includes your experience, previous projects, and the target audience as well. 

For instance, the products you create can be designed for casinos, elders, kids, or other niches. Also, clients will look for someone that does something specific for a target audience. As a tip, search your jobs using keywords for your target like childs’ books, adults, gambling, and so on. 


You either want to work on specialized platforms that star freelancers and clients or you create a webpage with your services and share them on social media. In other words, you will want to create a network that can attract new clients to work with. 

For that to happen, you can share some projects that you were a part of online or enroll in Facebook groups made for freelancers who are looking for job opportunities. Once you do that, you’ll become more visible and start to catch some attention, and create your own network.


As you read, it’s not too hard to become a top-leading freelancer consultant. All you need to do is to think about a good niche, great prices that stars your services, and go on a hunt for potential clients. Join a freelancing website or try to create your own network via social media channels. Then, provide excellent work and compete with other freelancers to stay on top.


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