Here’s a list of all New series to be launched this week on Netflix


Welcoming on Netflix that is going to arrive in this weekly session. Here is a list of all the kinds of new labels that are going to arrive in the next seven days. It is also going to give you an image of what will be next new number this stay which is seen to be one addition of new label.

We all are aware of this fact that Netflix does not announce what is going to come ahead in his channel.

The genuine to be updated that to know new brands coming on Netflix then one needs to on Netflix only. It is quite tricky but curiosity is the main theme or to attract its subscribers.

Netflix has added a new film and it’s a recap of what it looks like as the week that was.

Here's a list of all New series to be launched this week on Netflix
Here’s a list of all New series to be launched this week on Netflix

The Bling Ring, 2013 is based on Drama and Crime series. Sofia Coppola is the director of this movie. Emma Watson, Claire Julien, Katie Chang Broussard are the stars present in this movie. 90 minutes in the duration. Seven times, it has been nominated and it has won four awards.

The Bling came to theatres seven years ago. It was based on the incidents of a true story and the star cast was very high. The story was revolving a bunch of teenagers who were infatuated with recognition.

They track their celebrities via social networking sites and go on to rob them. The director of the movie Sofia Coppola and she well known for working on variability in her movies. She has been a director as well. She has directed A Very Special Christmas, Bill Murray in 2015 for Netflix.

Thirty-six new releases in the US hit the services this week. That comes in comparison as Netflix had a hit of 29 in the UK to Canada and Australia of 39 numbers.

Thirteen New TV series have been added this week.

  1. Tiny House Nation (volume2)
  2. Netflix Original has added the following TV series:
  3. The ollie and moon show (season 1), 
  4. The healing powers of a dude (season 1), 
  5. Sex education (season 2), 
  6. PJ masks, Nailed It! Germany season 1), 
  7. Kipo and the Age of wonder beasts ( season 1), 
  8. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez (limited series), 
  9. Hip-Hop Evolution (season 4), 
  10. Handsome Siblings (season 1- new episodes weekly), 
  11. Grace and Frankie (season 1), 
  12. Booba (season 3) and 
  13. Ares (season 1)


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