Here’s How Technology Can Put You Ahead of Your Competitors In 2021


Regardless of what industry your business is in and its size, there is no denying that technology is revolutionizing the way that all businesses operate. Those who grasp technology and use it to its full potential can enjoy the benefits that it has to offer. 

In order to survive, businesses need to stand out amongst their competitors. Today, we will be discussing how you can achieve exactly that by harnessing the power of technology. 

Increased Productivity 

Productivity is an important aspect of any business. Without good workplace productivity, your business will struggle to flourish and meet the needs of your consumers. There is an array of technology that can help you speed up your business processes, thus improving productivity. For example, task management tools are constantly being used by business owners to help their teams stay on top of their daily tasks and duties. 

Learning how to increase productivity in the workplace should be a priority for all businesses. It can certainly be the element that propels you above your competitors. The more work you can achieve in the day, the more likely your business will succeed. 

Added Flexibility

Since the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses had to quickly adopt a flexible working approach. Offices were swapped out for homes, and it was the businesses who could adapt to these changes quickly that had the better chance of surviving. This is one of the reasons why technology can set you apart from others. Those who already had the experience of working remotely and communicating through sites like Zoom could quickly adapt and they were not faced with a challenge under the circumstances of the pandemic. 

Technology gives workplaces added flexibility because it allows employees to operate from anywhere around the world. All you need is a solid internet connection and the right software. This hybrid working style has now become a popular workplace trend. You won’t have to travel far to learn about the benefits that it has to offer. 

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Create Engaging Content

Technology has several fantastic benefits. When it comes to standing out amongst your competitors, it can really help you create content that is both unique and engaging. For example, video content is a great way to interact with new and existing customers. As well as helping you create brand awareness, it can help customers relate and engage with your brand. Sure, newsletters and tweets are great but video lets you offer something different and most importantly you can really showcase your brands personality. 

Depending on the size of your budget, you can easily create video content. Smartphones now have some brilliant technology and some musicians have even been known to shoot their music videos on them. Recently, the Tik Tok app is a video content platform that has sorn in popularity. Now, many brands are using it to create short snappy videos that grab the attention of their customers whilst providing them with some entertainment value. It can really help customers familiarize themselves with your brand as it humanizes your brand, putting a face to the people who work behind the scenes. Now, all it takes is one viral video to propel your business to success. 

Improved Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is essential if you want your business to stand out. Customers who experience good customer service are likely to recommend your business to their friends and as a result you can benefit from free word-of-mouth marketing. First impressions are essential. So, if you’ve been overlooking your customer services department, now is the time to give it a re-vamp. 

There are plenty of tools out there which can help you enhance business operations to help you deliver exceptional customer service time and time again. Lob is a company that can help you automate your business processes to help you achieve exactly that. Their blog post shows you how they use bulk address verification to help you verify addresses so you can minimize delivery issues in the future. As well as saving your business a lot of time, it can also help you deliver messages, products or services as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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Prevent Data Breaches 

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have fallen victim to hackers and malicious software. As a result, they suffered a data breach which has had a detrimental impact on their business moving forward. Not only does is affect your brand reputation but it can also cause your customers to lose trust in you. Luckily, backup software now exists, and companies can protect their data and recover any lost files. 

When choosing a backup software, it is recommended that you look for tools that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as this will help to flag any suspicious files or software. It’s tool that use AI that can help protect your business against cybercrime. It is recommended that you always consult with an expert to ensure that you are choosing the right technology for your business. 

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is increasingly becoming an important part of every business. Now, digital marketing is paving the way and it is often yielding better results than more traditional advertising methods. This shift to a digital era means companies can reach worldwide audiences in a way that is more cost-effective. Through social media platforms and company websites, brands can get to know their audience better by building stronger relationships. The best part is social media platforms are free to use and now there is a vast amount of technology out there which can also help you build a company website in a matter of minutes. 

It is advised that you familiarize yourself with the importance of digital marketing. It can help you better understand what technology you need to help you devise an effective strategy. A good strategy can be the bridge between your company and increased success. More importantly, a great digital marketing campaign can also cause your brand to go viral which will certainly help you stand out amongst the competition.


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