Self-development at Home: All About Home-based Capabilities for Personal Growth

Home-based Capabilities

Most of us are bored at home during a period of prolonged quarantine. Some people are eating junk food and watching TV nonstop. Others prefer playing games and go on the nod on Instagram. It is useless to say that these activities waste your time that could be spent on self-development. Stop applauding someone’s skills and boost your own! For example, your sacred goal is to learn foreign languages for comfortable traveling or new work abroad. So, it is the most suitable moment to start moving forward to the realization of your ideas. Note that it is extremely difficult to withdraw from “one more” cup of tea accompanied by surfing the Internet thoughtlessly. You need to harness your willpower and act with home-based capabilities.

Where to start? – home-based capabilities

Organize your working place. No, the window-sill and a warm rug are not appropriate for goal-seeking people. It is better to imitate the office arrangement with a laptop, white shirt, and a diary book for notes about the necessary things to do. We are not joking! Show your self-organization and get prepared for educational or working hours correctly.

Turn the bath-dress and pajamas off. Decide on some important webcam call to motivate yourself – make your look presentable for virtual interviews or Skype dating with a soulmate. It is one of the steps for self-development you are ready to do right now. When pens and pencils are prepared, the appointment book is also put on the table, it is time to switch on the laptop or computer. New knowledge and experience are nearer than you could even imagine.

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A good opening is a half the battle

Set free thoughts about entertainment because your head needs some mental activities. If you are still thinking about your Mom, call her and continue working or studying. Nothing should bother you. If you have small kids, ask your husband or wife to spend time with kids and close the door to your room. For the very beginning, several hours will be enough. Here is a list of theoretical and practical activities for willing learners.

Online seminars and webinars

It is impossible to practice something without new theoretical data. That is why start searching for free seminars, online sessions, webinars, and lessons on the Internet. These platforms should provide helpful information that will come handy for your professional growth. Of course, if you want to become a perfect web designer or improve your coding skills, such workshops as “How to get laid?” or “Efficient meditations for relaxation” are not appropriate.

There are various platforms with courses to take into consideration. Coursera, Thinkific, Udemy, and many others obtain both chargeless content and paid workshops. Do not forget about practicing after theoretical information is caught. Lecturers and supervisors can help you to apply new knowledge into practice.  

Video conferencing with tutors

If you think that real-life lessons are more efficient, it is time to try something new. Skype, Zoom-based studies are also very effective for foreign language learners, managers, investors. This is one more chance to practice speaking, take part in discussions, and other interesting collective activities.

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Training, marathons, contests

The best way of motivation is to take part in competitions. Self-development may bring you generous prizes and other bonuses. Everyone wants to feel the first among other participants. Moreover, you are a winner from the very beginning – a new experience is guaranteed.

As can be seen from home-based capabilities, all we have the same capabilities for personal growth. Everything depends on the level of self-organizing and the willpower. If you have a plan and enough time for its realization, do not waste time on constant chatting in the social networks, taking selfies, and eating in front of the TV set.  


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