How can you Fix Chrome Multi Tab Browsing Issue?Explained inside


Google Chrome is clearly the prominent browser with more than 60% of internet users utilizing it for day to day surfing.

Though built for safety and fast surfing experience, Chrome also has difficulties like sluggish page loading and slower execution when shifting the tabs. Here are some clues to fix Google Chrome sluggish page loading issue and excess up your browsing.

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Each choice is discussed in detail in the sections.

How can you Fix Chrome Multi Tab Browsing Issue?Explained inside
How can you Fix Chrome Multi Tab Browsing Issue? Explained inside

1. Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows

Google has an attached cleanup tool to scan and eliminate the malware and spyware effecting difficulty with Chrome browser.

2. DNS Resolution Problem

Before moving to browser-specific issues the most common issue for sluggish page loading is the incorrect DNS resolution.

3. Clear Browser History

Over the duration of time, there will be bunches of unnecessary past files accumulated calming down the browser’s execution.

4. Disable Plugins (For Chrome Version <57)

Plugins are extra external applications that assist to enhance the functions of the Chrome browser. There are several possibilities that one of the established plugins may influence the speed of Chrome.

5. Disabling Extensions

Related to plugins, extensions are also extra applications introduced on the browser. Open URL “chrome://extensions/” to see the list of extensions and destroy all.

6. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Access Chrome and move to the URL “chrome://settings”. Scroll down to the end of the page and select “Advanced ” option. Under “System” category disable the checkbox “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

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7. Delete Bookmarks

Do you have a bunch of pages bookmarked? There is an available bug that large bookmarking chills the performance particularly when opening aa fresh tab.

8. Check Your Chrome Installation Version

Always maintain your browser up to date and if the sluggish page loading proceeds in the latest Chrome version the choice is to uninstall Chrome and check the beta version. Chrome beta version comes with the new features a month prior to the safe version.


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