How Can You Naturally Manage Erectile Dysfunction


Common among men is erectile dysfunction, with a suggestion that tens of millions are affected in only this country. A misperception is that the dysfunction is age-related when in fact, numerous variables contribute, such as “heart health, blood pressure, nutrition, nerve functionality, and weight.

When you “can’t get rock hard anymore,” psychological determinants can play a role, including bouts of stress, greatly impacting the ability to achieve and retain an erection. Fortunately, the factors associated with the dysfunction are manageable with natural methods working to help gain control.

That isn’t to say the answer is simple or there’s a magic cure-all. Still, overall behavior and lifestyle contribute not only to erectile function but sexual health altogether.

When poor habits are replaced with healthy ones, the dysfunction’s severity could be decreased if it’s already an issue or the risk minimized if it hasn’t developed yet. Consider the following suggestions for naturally retaining an erection and perhaps enhancing overall general wellness.

How Can You Naturally Manage Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is common among men, often affecting their self-esteem and confidence. You don’t have to suffer silently; instead, choose to take control by implementing natural techniques meant to assist with achieving and retaining an erection.

There’s no natural magic cure, especially if you have a medical condition creating the dysfunction. You must see a health practitioner to discern what the underlying cause could be to receive an adequate care plan or clinical recommendations.

Still, modifying poor behaviors can not only assist with sexual health but overall general wellness. Go here for tips on “protecting your erection,” and then take a look at these changes you can implement.

A healthy nutrition program

Obesity and an unhealthy diet can contribute to achieving and retaining an erection. When you consume foods that have the potential to induce a heart attack, these will also serve as a trigger for sexual dysfunction.

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Testosterone is reduced, and inflammation increases when a man ingests significant quantities of visceral fats. When “fatty, fried foods/meats” are a primary component of your diet plan and you’re experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there should be a lifestyle change.

That will involve a new meal plan consisting of baked and grilled choices with minimal bad fats and vegetables with fresh fruits.

A regimented fitness plan

The recommendation is that everyone participates in routine fitness daily for roughly 20 minutes with moderate intensity. A “couch potato” will not only hurt their general wellness but find their sexual health impacted as well. When exercising regularly, blood circulation to the primary body systems improves.

The pelvic area benefits from the activity, but men must take precautions with activities that have the potential for “perineum overload” (located between the anus and the scrotum.)

The required eight hours

When a man doesn’t receive the recommended six to eight hours of sleep each night, it can negatively impact testosterone levels regardless of age and general health status. Sleep is responsible for regulating the brain hormone’s stability, including dopamine and serotonin, both capable of affecting an erection.

A sleep routine should be disciplined, meaning you lie down at roughly the same time each night and enjoy no distractions or interruptions with continuous, restful slumber until you wake between six to eight hours later. Again, the recommendation is to rise at the same time every morning with a similar routine.

The stress levels

Bouts of stress often related to work can play a significant role in sexual function. Men tend to harbor excessive stress and anxiety with demanding careers and continued pressure to meet deadlines or finish too great of a project load.

When work is a priority, other self-care aspects get neglected, like the diet, exercise, and sleep mentioned earlier, significantly increasing the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction.

In an attempt to relieve the tensions associated with the job, it can be beneficial to speak with the person in charge of your department. Many businesses today prefer to retain their talent and avoid turnover.

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Plus, most want to avoid employees suffering from excessive amounts of stress, which can lead to illness, missed time, and reduced productivity. When you explain the situation, a solution will likely be worked out where the work can be delegated within the department to lessen some of your load.

Speak to your partner

Erectile dysfunction is nothing that should cause embarrassment or shame. Your partner would want you to communicate openly with them so the two of you can find a solution together. You don’t have to suffer alone. Doing so can damage your self-esteem and cause you to lose your confidence.

The problem can be related to many factors, with an underlying medical circumstance being a possibility. A priority when recognizing there’s an issue is to go with your partner to see your health practitioner. The provider will rule out serious conditions plus recommend effective solutions.

Final Thought

Erectile dysfunction (ED) doesn’t always concern sex but instead can be an early warning sign of various medical issues. At the first indication that you’re experiencing difficulties, it’s essential to communicate with your partner.

The dysfunction can be psychologically challenging for you to contend with, causing a loss of confidence and damage to your self-esteem when a man chooses to keep it quiet. Unfortunately, many men find each sexual encounter a personal “failure,” not recognizing there could be an underlying cause with an effective solution.

If a man doesn’t take the initiative in opening a line of communication, it might be necessary for a partner to gently guide a conversation on the topic. The priority is getting the man to see a healthcare practitioner and suggesting to go along for support.

The natural behavioral and lifestyle changes mentioned here aren’t meant to be a magic cure for ED. Still, these suggestions, along with a physician’s care plan, could assist in reducing the symptoms if you’ve developed the dysfunction or minimize the risk if you haven’t. These will also contribute to overall general wellness.


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