How Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking Software Increases Productivity In 5 Ways

Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking

Managing a commercial fleet was a difficult task a few decades ago. Service managers had a significant amount of work, which complicated organizing work. Several managers had trouble figuring out what required priority. All they knew was that they had to guarantee the safety of their drivers, manage operations, monitor driver behavior, and keep auto inspections running smoothly. Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking-

Have you ever heard the phrase “fleet management vehicle tracking”? Many people assume that its sole role includes tracking your fleet and keeping tabs on the location of your vehicles and drivers. That is not true, there’s so much more to fleet management vehicle tracking than you can think of.

Telematics has evolved into more than traditional “specks on a map” in recent years. Today, fleet managers and business owners are reaping the many benefits of fleet management vehicle tracking via fleet management software. 

Fleet Management Software And What It Means

Fleet management software is a program that accumulates, stores, processes, detects, and generates activity reports for an effective transport pattern, such as road conditions, fuel, driver, mishaps, and vehicles used. 

The software manages the driver’s performance, communication, and compliance in the corporate sector. Sometimes, the platform combines with other systems to run complex compensation packages. These management programs connect with camera systems that record driver and road activity. 

There are relatively few management systems using modern technology like Artificial Intelligence to capture and examine data more naturally. Fleet management software is ideal and can boost productivity in different ways. 

We will discuss the five ways that the software increases productivity below. 

  1. Managing Fuel Efficiency – As per the United States Department of Energy, excessive speed by just five mph can raise fuel consumption by nearly 10%. A fuel management software is an excellent way to ensure that your drivers do not incur the 10% increase. Fuel planning includes metrics like legal fuel card usage, fuel tendency, and chances of fuel reduction. You can also track information about fuel cards and vehicle fuel consumption with the plan. You can also receive alerts about excessive fuel purchases and unauthorized uses of fleet credit cards—ultimately resulting in a bottom line for your business. Aside from fuel tracking, you can also use fleet management software to obtain real-time reports on your vehicle’s speed, deceleration, and acceleration. Tracking these factors also helps to reduce overall fuel consumption.
  2. Monitoring The Behaviour And Safety Of The Driver – Today, fleet operators emphasize drivers rather than vehicles. You can significantly reduce your future dividends if you let your driver’s actions determine your company’s quality. Implementing safe driving among your drivers reduces accidents and threat rates, and if you’re lucky, your insurance company will reward you. You begin to see fleet-wide driver improvements after implementing a fleet management solution. 
  3. Improvement In Customer Satisfaction – Customers who are pleased with your services are more likely to return, and they are also more likely to recommend your company to others. Having happy customers is essential to your business growth. Positive reviews drag more traffic to your business. Your company then begins to thrive. Tracking all your employees and vehicles all day long is easy with the software. Moreover, it enables you to adapt your business to customers, invoicing, equipment, employees on the job, and retaining your satisfied customers.
  4. Customized API Integrations – Several fleet management software companies offer business intelligence features. Such alternatives include a highly configurable API module. They can integrate into third-party software or other enterprise business solutions in real-time. But how do Application Program Interfaces (API) function? APIs enable various programs or sections of the same software program to communicate with one another. Its solution helps your software to exchange data with a new program. As a result, all of those different software programs share data. Instead of having multiple data sources, you’ll have a single location where you can merge and make comparisons with that data. Many different fleet management functions benefit from this, such as data analysis, task scheduling, hours of use statistics for maintenance, time tracking software, and much more. Furthermore, it allows you to compare data maintenance with telematics all in one place. 
  5. Protection Of Insurance – Protecting people on the road while driving is one of the safety measures in this business. Security measures provide numerous benefits when you use a management solution. Fleet management strengthens your relationship with insurance providers. When you use better management systems, insurance companies give you discounts. The more security measures you implement in your company, the more enjoyable your suppliers will be, and the more benefits they will extend to you. Data sharing between insurance providers and fleet business owners have become more common. The market for connected cars has grown and is approximately billions. Because growth is unavoidable, numerous insurance providers may soon request management software to facilitate more cost-effective trade-ins. 
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Apart from these five factors, there are other necessary benefits to consider. 

  • Extension Of Your Fleet’s Life – Routine preventive maintenance in your fleet can save you money by eliminating costly vehicle malfunctions and repairs. Fleet management software includes tools for monitoring oil changes, inspections, diagnostic alerts, maintenance workflows, registrations, and other routine maintenance. Whenever a vehicle needs upkeep, you will receive an email or text message alerting you. Prolonging the life of your fleet is particularly beneficial for small fleets.
  • Easy Compliance – Almost all fleet management solutions offer critical insights required to optimize, monitor, and manage your compliance requirements. ELD compliance simplifies fleet management software for your trucking business. When looking for a fleet tracking vendor, inquire about their ELD compliance capabilities. Because growth is unavoidable, several insurance companies may soon request management software to facilitate more cost-effective trade-ins. Some vendors’ ELD features even record once your driver is driving, eliminating the worry that drivers will forget to log all of their hours. 

Many managers find managing a fleet of vehicles challenging, especially when large operational scales and big budgets. The only way to handle such complexity is to integrate the fleet management software in your fleet. You can choose well-known vendors like Matrack Inc for boosting your fleet performance. The benefits mentioned above will help you understand how fleet management vehicle tracking software increases productivity. 


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