How Has Online Dating Social Media Affected Our Dating Lives of the LGBT community

the LGBT community

These days, social media seems to be everywhere. Everyone from pop stars to sporting icons to politicians is tapping into daily Twitter feeds, posting on Instagram, or commenting on Facebook. It’s no wonder social media is also having a huge effect on dating. One demographic particularly keen to embrace social media platforms for socializing is the LGBT community. LGBT individuals are twice as likely to be connecting via social media as their straight counterparts. Let’s look into how this 21st-century phenomenon is impacting LGBT community and dating.

Short-term or longer-term?

The digital environment has been perfect for LGBT singles for the choice it offers. You can decide whether you wish to dip into your social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on – for establishing informal contact. But if you are seeking a lesbian one night encounter, there are many dating sites specialising in casual relationship! These outlets provide secure communication channels where you can reach out to kindred spirits. This is perfect if you happen to be a little introverted or feel lacking in confidence to indulge in a spot of flirting. But the moment you download an app to your mobile phone, you will find yourself entering a welcoming dimension where there will always be singles seeking someone like you.


In the past, the variety of outlets open to lesbians seeking romance has been fairly restricted. Perhaps you previously tried hanging around in bars where the rumor was there was a strong lesbian clientele? Going online has made everything so much more convenient. From the comfort of home, perhaps with a cup of coffee or glass of wine to hand, all you have to do is gain access to a web browser. There are so many outlets geared towards the LGBT community that you will quickly find yourself indulging in amorous conversations with prospective partners.


The foundation of successful relationships has always been compatibility. LGBTQ websites make it straightforward for individuals to track down people who would be ideal for partners. The information you provide when you register, together with the preferences you state when you are compiling a profile, can be ingathered by software. These so-called algorithms will match your details with other site users. The moment any mutual likes or passions are identified, these can be flagged up. In this way, you will save an awful lot of unnecessary timewasting by attempting to connect with people who would not be appropriate.

Information resources

LGBT dating outlets are so much more than matchmaking platforms. If you are relatively new to the scene, you will find a diverse range of blogs offering useful advice to people in your situation. You can access all sorts of worthwhile support, and tap into the knowledge of more experienced site users. There will also be forums and chat rooms where you can introduce yourself, widening your social circle, while also engaging in useful interaction.


The downside of dating in the offline world is that the people you are attracted to often prove to have the least in common. Have you ever been drawn to an attractive female only to discover her personality to be somewhat insipid?! When you go online you can find out all about the interesting hobbies and achievements of other members. As soon as you come across someone you feel would be ideal for a partnership, you can add a ‘like’ to their profile page. If this sense of attraction is reciprocated, then a series of direct, intimate messages can be exchanged.


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