How the online dating industry leverages data and AI for helping the LGBTQ community

the LGBTQ community

There are so many reasons why increasing numbers of singles are gravitating to online dating outlets. Convenience. Choice. Compatibility. Communication. These factors and many more are proving an incentive for individuals to consider registering with a digital matchmaking service. Let’s take a closer look into how dating sites are attracting customers by leveraging data and introducing artificial intelligence (AI), particularly where one of the most enthusiastic online demographics of all is concerned – the LGBTQ community.

How matches can be made effortlessly

If you’re single and looking for love, it could be the case that you have specific tastes – and you might assume this niche area will restrict your options. But this is where the online dating industry can come into its own. How about being attracted to mature ebony lesbians? That’s three demographics in one! So this is how data would be leveraged to find your ideal match. First of all, it’s up to you to be forthright when specifying the type of person you’d like to meet and then transposing these details to your profile. This will allow algorithms – matchmaking software – to compare your data with the descriptions ingathered from other members. As soon as an older black female is identified who is looking for a same-sex relationship, this will be flagged up. This direct approach certainly prevents any unnecessary time-wasting.

Advances in AI

The data stored in an LGBTQ dating service’s database can be put to even more pragmatic use. As these programs become ever more sophisticated, the website can become more proactive. How about an example? You’re searching for an older ebony lesbian who has the same taste in musical theater as you? You might think this is a niche area. But the algorithms will be able to second-guess your hobbies and interests by analysing typical searches you make while online. You might well receive suggestions posted directly from the website’s administrators about forthcoming theater events you might like to book tickets for before your next date. 

Personality markers- the LGBTQ community

The LGBTQ community can also benefit from algorithms known as ‘personality markers.’ These can go into further detail when assessing site members’ likes and dislikes. For instance, say your profile photograph displayed an art gallery in the background, or you posted images featuring you enjoying a particular sport? This information could be taken on board and stored in the relevant database on the website. As soon as another mature gay ebony female crops up, this would be recognized by the software.

Safety features

Another terrific use of leverage can occur concerning online communication. AI can detect the sending of unsolicited pictures by LGBTQ site members, and act accordingly. Depending on the nature of these images, they could either be passed on to the recipient who would then accept the responsibility of viewing the content or simply deleting it. If this behavior persists, the subject could be sent a cautionary message, or threatened with being removed from the website’s membership.

Other dating apps have started using data-scanning algorithms to look into private messages, then comparing these with texts that have previously been flagged up for containing inappropriate content. A quick message could be forwarded to the intended recipient to advise them to reconsider hitting any links. All these enhancements will pave the way to a more comfortable future for LGBTQ singles, reassuring those individuals who have been more hesitant about using dating services. So if you’re still unsure about committing to one of these outlets – there’s no need to be. Check out the LGBTQ options and think of registering.


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