How to Apply Blush on the Round Face

How to Apply Blush on the Round Face

Being beautiful is one thing; expressing your beauty is another. Expressing your beauty through makeup is an art. Out of all the makeup steps, applying blush is going to be your favourite, as it helps you rejuvenate your looks and make your face appear fresh and young.

Applying blush is a beautiful craft, and we should know the parameters that can not only add a dose of freshness to our face but also aid us in elevating our looks and appeal. The application of blush is different for different face structures, just a single swipe of blush can make you feel different and confident if applied with the correct techniques. Dear beauties, we are going to cover everything about “ How to Apply Blush on the Round Face.” Keep reading to learn the right techniques.

How to Apply Blush on the Round Face? 10 Easy Tips to Follow

1. Pick the Right Blush

“ Picking the right products aids you to do things the right way ever.” You may not know that picking a perfect brush similar to your face type is quite essential to giving the desired effect of blush to your face. On a general note, your face colour would determine the right brush shades. For example, if you have a light colour face or a bright colour, picking cool-toned pink or coral shades will do the trick for you. If you wannatreat consider a blush for a round shape, pick a blush one step darker than your skin tone.

How to Apply Blush on the Round Face

2. Powdered Or Gel-Based Blush

Picking the right blush as per your face type is a quintessential task. Instead of choosing any other regular blush, it is advisable to go for powdered or gel-based blush. If used, these blushes will penetrate effectively into your face.

3. Prep Your Face for Applying Blush

If you are struggling to apply blush to your face, you should prepare it accordingly. Prime and moisturise your face, and then complete all the makeup steps beforehand.

4. The Placement of the Blush Must Be Right

With the effective placement of the blush, it becomes easy to obtain the best results on the round face. When you are applying blush to a round face, you can start on the area a little lower than your cheeks and slightly go towards your upper cheekbones. If you apply a brush strategically, it will not deliver the right results for you. Instead, you should aim for a more elongated appearance.

5. Don’t Use Shimmery Blush

Applying blush to your face is not going to be difficult if you adopt the right techniques. You must avoid using shimmery blushes on a round face. Using shimmery blush can make your cheeks look round, and you don’t want that. Using a matte blush instead will provide a great result. If you keep on searching for “how to apply Blush on a round face, you must know that it is the best choice to apply shimmery blush for the best results.

6. Blend Properly

Whenever you are set to apply blush on a round face, you should know that blending is the perfect key. If you want to achieve a seamless look and appeal from makeup, you must blend your blush properly. We suggest you blend the blush towards your hairline if you have a round face. It will give you magical results. If you blend your blush towards the hairline, your face will not form any kind of uneven patches. For the best results, you can blend the blush in a direction towards your temple.

7. Pick the Right Technique to Locate Cheeks

Before applying the blush on a round face, you should locate your cheeks. The best solution in this regard is to smile. Once you find your cheeks, apply the blush slightly upward on your cheek in a circular motion.

How to Apply Blush on the Round Face

8. After Applying Blush on a Round Face, Apply a highlighter

It is an important step to apply a highlighter on your blush. Once you are done with the application of the blush on a round face, you need to apply the highlighter on the upper cheekbones. It will add a pinch of redness to your cheek.

9. Apply the Blush on the Chin

If you have a round face, and want to give the illusion of a long face, make sure to apply the blush on your chin.

10. Avoid Pearlised or Reflective Blushes

The pearlized brushes are used for an oval-shaped face so that they can give an illusion of a round shape. If the shape of your face is already round, you must avoid using pearlized or reflective blushes.

The Nutshell

Keeping these tips in mind, you will master the technique of “How to Apply Your Blush on a Round Face.” Practise a lot and you will observe the finest results. Applying blush on the round face can elongate your looks and will make you more confident.


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