How to Care for Lashes?

Care for Lashes

Lack of sufficient eyelashes is a common problem caused by the natural aging process, genetics, disease or other possible causes. If you had long, thick eyelashes at birth but have lost them over time (which can be worrisome), you will feel embarrassed. Eyelashes play an essential role in protecting the eyes from damage, dust and sand. They surround the eyes and, together with the eyebrows, cheeks, bones, nose, lips and chin, create a unique face for each person. A person without eyelashes has a strange appearance because he/she lacks one of the important features of a natural look. There are various invasive methods for taking care of your eyelashes. Unfortunately, these methods, such as eyelash extensions and eyelash growth serums, are not without allergic reactions, infections, or other problems. Hence, we decided to write an article introducing natural methods to care for lashes.

Why Do Your Eyelashes Fall 

It might have happened to you that while looking at photos of your younger age, you notice that you had more eyelashes than now or your eyelashes were thicker. Various factors can adversely affect your eyelashes, including:

  • Aging
  • Facial injuries and wounds caused by chemical and thermal burns, eyelid tattoos, etc.
  • Long-term use of false eyelashes;
  • Surgical treatment of an injury or tumor that results in the destruction of eyelash follicles;
  • Radiation therapy or chemotherapy to treat cancer that leads to hair loss;
  • Trichotillomania or disorder of the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

DIY Methods for Strengthening and Taking Care of Your Eyelashes

However, it is possible that you haven’t had any of the abovementioned issues, but your eyelashes are not as thick as they used to be. This can be due to a lack of proper care. Following are some non-invasive methods for taking care of your eyelashes and enjoy a beautiful complexion.

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Removing Make-up at Night

The less your eyelashes are exposed to cosmetics, the better they grow. Always clean your makeup at night so that your lashes have a chance to breathe, although it is best to remove your makeup as soon as you get home and not postpone it to before bed. For your eyebrows, Henna is a natural alternative for brow coloring and typically sourced from cruelty-free, vegan sources. Check out henna eyebrow kits for sale here. 

Be Gentle with Your Lashes

Removing mascara can damage your eyelashes. Use products that are not waterproof. Waterproof mascara dries the lashes and makes cleaning them tedious. Also, try to rest your eyelashes from time to time and do not use cosmetics.

Brushing Eyelashes

Help boost your growth and health by brushing your eyelashes twice a day. This spreads natural oils along the lashes and helps them grow.


Vaseline has long been one of the main home remedies for enhancing eyelashes. Before going to bed, apply Vaseline on your eyelashes with a mascara brush and wash it off in the morning. Repeat this procedure three times a week to see its exquisite results.

Avoid Using False Eyelashes

Another point to make eyelashes longer and thicker is not to use false eyelashes. Using false eyelashes or eyelash extensions may be a quick fix to your problem, but in the long run, it will cause more damage to the lashes. When removing false eyelashes, a number of natural eyelashes are also removed. Therefore, it is better to avoid false eyelashes or use them only if necessary.

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Natural Oils

Natural oils can also help strengthen your lashes. You can moisturize your lashes with natural oils, including olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil, rose oil, or argan oil. Before going to bed, soak the cotton in some oil and apply it on your eyelashes and wash your face in the morning. Pax 3 review can strengthen your lashes by nourishing and moisturizing.

Final Words

There is no need to use eyelash extensions or false eyelashes to take care of your eyelashes and beautify them. You can help them grow by taking care of your eyelashes using the natural methods mentioned above. These methods do not have any side effects, and they are easy to do at home.



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