How To Choose An Online Game?


Deciding to play an online game, we often face a problem of how to choose it. There are thousands of games on the Internet and on Game Karma, a huge variety of genres and directions, and even an experienced player can find it difficult to make a choice, not to mention those who are simply lost in the gaming world.

Choosing the genre of a computer game

Before choosing an online game, it is advisable to clearly define the game genre. If you feel like a warrior, then you will not play the role of a civil engineer, and vice versa. On the other hand, maybe you like space adventures, city building, or economic strategies? Then there are fantasy games, with sorcerers and magic, racing games that are suitable for natural racers, and games specially made for girls and boys.

Interestingly, often boys play games for girls and girls play games for boys. For example, a mature man with a Ph.D. in engineering enjoys playing the game Farm, which is more suitable for children, while his wife is having fun in Metal of War, a heavy weapons shooter made for men. It can be said that neither the gender of the player nor his age affects the choice of the genre of the game. Therefore, the choice is yours.

How to choose an online game according to your experience?

Modern online games have a twisted plot, and a huge number of locations and characters, and therefore they are designed mainly for experienced gamers. Of course, a pro gamer will quickly figure out the gameplay using their experience in games of this genre.

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Another thing is with inexperienced players. Sometimes it is difficult for them to understand the chosen computer game, and sometimes it is not possible, the game becomes uninteresting, and the user quickly leaves it.

Therefore, beginners should:

  • Choose games with an initial training course.
  • In such games, you will be provided with a guide, and with its help, you will quickly learn how to control the game, use weapons, equipment, and the whole complex of gameplay depending on the genre of the game.
  • You will be able to play on an equal footing with other players, feel interested in the game, and begin to develop and taste the victory.


After you have decided on the choice of the game, you should think about how to choose an online game according to the availability for your device. Having access to the Internet, you can easily enter any browser game or download the client game for free, and that’s it – you can start playing. However, here you need to take into account the power of your device and the speed of Internet access.

Browser games are suitable for almost any gadget available to you, but it is better to download client games to more powerful computers. When downloading mobile applications, you need to take into account the system of your gadget. As a rule, applications are divided into games for Android (most Samsung tablets and phones) and iOS (iPhone, Apple tablets).


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