How To Claim A High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonus

When looking to claim a high roller bonus, note that online and offline casino players exist in all shapes and forms. However, most players share some commonalities. For example, there are high rollers, bonus abusers, professionals looking to gain an edge, specialized gamers, and professional players who look for a big win. High rollers are those who play big and deposit significant amounts. They can also lose significant amounts and break the bank.

Casinos are very interested in high rollers. Also known as whales and VIP players, they will do everything to keep them playing as long as they can. You probably know that many casinos reward players who have made deposits by offering a bonus that can help boost their bankroll (you’ll find a detailed list of such venues at

However, there’s a second type of bonus available to high-rollers only. You may believe that high roller players are already wealthy, but that’s often not true. Those who place large amounts of money are typically from the lower-middle classes and want to become rich quickly. Therefore, those looking to claim a high roller bonus are generally interested in rapidly making large amounts of money and with minimum hassle.

Understanding The Essence of A High Roller Bonus

The high roller bonus works similarly to other prizes. These offers are for players who have made a bigger than usual initial deposit to the casino. For example, the player must place a minimum deposit of $1,000 to be eligible for this bonus. This bonus is usually greater than $1,000, and for high-rollers, the welcome bonus usually ranges between 100% and 1000%. This offer is excellent for those who have big dreams. You will receive the standard welcome bonus if you make a large deposit.

High rollers can also receive special promotions like reload bonuses and additional match bonuses. When looking to claim a high roller bonus, you may also receive invitations for large online casino tournaments. While many online players may think the wagering requirements are too strict about claiming this type of bonus, this is often not the case

High roller players usually deposit large amounts of money, so it should not pose a problem for them to meet the wagering requirements. Therefore, high roller bonuses can be an excellent way to receive extra funds and more opportunities to play games with higher payouts.

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Who Is a High Roller? 

Online casinos offer high rollers a smaller bankroll than their land-based counterparts. Due to restrictions on online gambling and the caps placed on it, the most prominent gambler can only bet a certain amount of credits or coins (an average of $500 per hand, spin, or roll). 

On the other hand, live high rollers may have to adjust to smaller players’ spending habits when they play online. A gambler will likely bet $5,000 per wager, have a $100,000 bankroll, or stake $100,000 during an online session. High rollers can bet thousands of dollars in a month, earning platinum or VIP points.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Claim A High Roller Bonus

Rewarding bonuses are typically available to players who deposit a lot of money. These offers are much more generous compared to the standard welcome bonus. These bonuses are often more valuable than the standard welcome bonus because players who claim them usually spend significant amounts of money at the casino. High roller bonuses are available to VIP players who want to play at higher limits, claim more significant bonuses, VIP rewards, or experience exceptional customer service.

These promotions are also available to professional players who visit online casinos to play in the supported games and participate in big tournaments. It is difficult to ignore the number of slot games that promise millionaire jackpots. Furthermore, it is easy to win big by spinning a single slot. High roller bonuses allow players to play more slots games every time they win.

Step by Step: How to Claim a High Roller Bonus

Look For a Casino That Offers a High-Roller Bonus

It is impossible to just pick a casino and request a massive bonus. It is essential to research which casinos offer high-stakes games and high-roller bonuses. Compare the offers once you have narrowed down your choices.

Consider which bonus would be most appropriate for you and your high-limit style. You must have a valid account at the casino where you’re looking to claim an offer.

You must also be an active player and have a good reputation with the casino management to receive specific bonuses. These bonuses for high rollers are only available to you via email with unique links.

Deposit a Qualifying Amount of Cash

Most online casino bonuses for high-rollers require a deposit that is above average. You can find the minimum deposit amount in the terms and conditions section. If your goal is to claim a high roller bonus, you can deposit more than the required minimum.

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The casino will give you a generous bonus based on your deposit amount. High roller bonuses offer higher maximum amounts than regular deposit match bonuses and usually exist in thousands of currency units.

Receive the Bonus Funds Into Your Casino Account

After making the qualifying deposit, the bonus funds will be available in your account. You can either match your deposit 100% or increase the percentage. Online casinos may offer bonuses tailored to your gambling and deposit history.

Regardless, some casinos don’t offer high-roller incentives. These bonuses are only available to celebrities or players who contact support to request a bonus.

High-Roller Bonuses: Critical Considerations

You should be familiar with the key points behind high-roller bonuses before you deposit large amounts of money.

Consider Whether or Not You’re Looking at a Deposit Match Bonus

When looking to claim a high roller bonus, note that most bonuses are deposit match offers. However, there are times when they aren’t and can be more like buy-ins. Such situations happen more often with high-roller bonuses than regular bonuses. In other words, you will not receive any bonus if you deposit more money than the minimum.

Let’s look at an example: A regular bonus might match 50% of your deposit up to $100. You will receive a $5 bonus if you deposit $10. If you deposit $100, you’ll get $50. If it isn’t a matching bonus, it might say, “Deposit a minimum of $1,000 to receive $1,000”. It’s a 100% bonus, but if you deposit $1,500, you will only get $1,000. You won’t receive more if you deposit more than the minimum. Instead, save the extra money for wagering requirements.

Playthrough/Turnover Requirements

If your goal is to claim a high roller bonus, remember that these offers have wagering requirements, just like any other compensation. This wagering requirement is one that you have to fulfill before withdrawing any bonus money. Sometimes called the playthrough requirement, the wagering requirement is also known as the turnover requirement.

The bonus or bonus-plus-deposit may have a different requirement. If you have a bonus of $1,000 that has a 10x wagering requirement, you will need to wager the bonus of $1,000 x 10. This amount is $10,000. High rollers may be eligible for lower wagering requirements at some casinos. 

Time Limits

The time limit represents how long you have to wager before your bonus or winnings are null. Although time limitations can vary, generally speaking, you will have more flexibility if there is a longer time limit.

Game Contribution Percentages

Casino games do not contribute equally to the requirement. Slots and instant games such as scratch cards contribute most to the WR at 100%. In other words, each bet placed on slots will count towards the requirement. When looking to claim a high roller bonus, note that the exact percentage of the contributing games depends on the game and the casino. High roller bonuses can sometimes offer better game contributions to the WR than regular welcome bonuses.


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