How to find a good divorce lawyer

find a good divorce lawyer

The decision to file for divorce is difficult and emotional, but you need an attorney to help navigate the process. You have many options when it comes to finding a lawyer, so make sure you take your time and do your research before making any decisions about which law firm to choose. Below are the few steps, which will help you to find a good divorce lawyer who fit for you:

Attorneys who offer these types of opportunities will usually provide free consultations where they can answer any questions you might have about the process and information related to the divorce and offer advice on who might be a reputable attorney to hire.

What you should look for in a divorce lawyer

To find a good divorce lawyer in Singapore, you must consider different factors.

Experience is always an essential factor in any service provider or product provider; it will be no different when looking for a possible divorce lawyer. It is essential to determine how long the person has been practicing law with this particular specialization (divorce) and their success rate through clients’ testimonials and referrals.

Another good thing is to speak to other people who have been in your situation and used their services would help you reach an informed conclusion on which one of them can best represent you according to your needs.

How much do they charge?

This could be essential in the long run, as being informed beforehand will help you plan for a legal battle that may drag on. This factor also relates to experience since an attorney with more experience will charge higher fees than one who has been practicing for a significant time. 

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How divorce can negatively affect your future

The decision of ending your marriage through a divorce can have lasting effects on your life, especially if you make that decision prematurely. A study shows that 67% of all second marriages fail within 10 years, while 50% of all third marriages fail within 15 years too.

Rushing into filing for divorce can lead you to regret this decision as soon as possible or even longer, depending on how far things go with your divorce case. Many people file for divorce because they are not happy anymore with their marriage, and they feel that life will be better with a new partner. However, these feelings change in the future, especially if you do not give yourself enough time to heal from what has happened.

You may have been married for several years, and now you want to start over by finding someone else who seems right for you. While there is nothing wrong with this idea, it is essential to know that most of us were still in love with our first partners, even when we were heartbroken at some point during the marriage. You can imagine how much it would hurt if this happens while you go through a divorce.

The best thing to do is talk to your partner about your situation and find possible fixes for the marriage before filing for divorce. Most of us make things much harder than they should be, and we forget that some marriages can be saved through effort and commitment from both partners.


Some people even filed for divorce only to get back together with their original partners a few months or years later.

There are also other reasons why you might regret getting a divorce, such as financial problems, children’s issues, mental health issues in general, etc. Take your time to find the best solution for your life.


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