How To Free Yourself From Anxiety


Anxiety is something that we all have in one form or another. For some people, who have more severe types of this terrible disorder, life can sometimes feel very paralyzing. Sometimes, it can even feel as though your life is threatened. That is how bad it can get. We will help you to know how to get free yourself from anxiety.

The normal spectrum of anxiety is also pretty bad for people who experience it on a day to day basis. If someone is suffering from anxiety then they will constantly feel like they are outside of their bodies, spacey or confused. You may even find it difficult to breathe due to anxiety sometimes with thoughts of gloom and doom occupying your every waking moment. Some people have it so bad that they may like they are about to die even if they are just sitting in their living room just reading a book 

On to the more milder side of anxiety now and this is no fun either. People with this type of condition may constantly be occupied with thoughts of “what if I fail?” and they are also likely to feel scared for no apparent reason. You may, in fact, have even felt this way yourself. The chances of that happening are very high if you ever had to give a big presentation or had to do some sort of performance on stage. Do you remember those feelings? The feeling of being like you do not remember much, have an upset stomach, racing heart beat and a flushed face. 

Anxiety is a disorder that is sort of a mind-body connection. The mind has those terrible thoughts and the body then reacts in a certain way, typically by the way of hormonal releases in order to form the feelings that we feel. It is even possible that the body will develop an addiction to anxiety and stress after which it will trigger the person’s mind in order to create thoughts that will stimulate the stress mechanism so that you feel anxious and stressed as well. 

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A big problem lies with how society has taught us to process our feelings. It is very obvious that there is an assumption that feelings are much less valuable than the brain. 

The mantra seems to be to think of everything but to deny the feelings that we have. We are taught to not be too emotional or sensitive. We are taught that everything that is outside of us, is much more important than what we have inside. So, it really is not that surprising if you feel anxiety. 

Having given you a brief idea about what living with chronic anxiety feels like, let us now try to give you some tips and pointers on how exactly you can manage and mitigate your anxiety so that you can lead a normal life. Anxiety can really be debilitating and it must be taken seriously so that your quality of life is not diminished. 

Mindfulness Meditation 

There is a lot of hype surrounding meditation at the present moment in time and it is definitely not without reason. Meditation, especially of the mindful kind, has been studied extensively for use in anxiety and stress management. All research has come to the same conclusion and it is very good news for those who suffer from anxiety in one form or another. Mindfulness meditation can really do wonders not just for anxiety but for our overall quality of life as well. 

The reason that mindfulness is being touted as one of the key ingredients to a successful and happy life is because it really has the ability to completely change and rewire your brain. When you practice mindfulness, you are also practicing breathing properly and that in itself can do miracles. 

You can start by setting up a meditation space in your room. Laying a rug, placing some candles and a healing stone. The black tourmaline meaning would be perfect to soothe and ground yourself, especially if you’re prone to panic attacks and similar experiences. If you are unsure about how to do mindfulness meditation exercises, then please just look it up on youtube.


Exercise and Diet

If you ever thought that nutritional deficiencies and lack of exercise is causing you health problems, both physical and mental, then you would have thought right. We simply can not stress how important this particular aspect of managing your mental health is. 

A lot of people struggle with maintaining consistency with diet and exercise. This is because they set themselves unrealistic goals which they simply cannot achieve. Then they get frustrated and give up as they could not reach their desired goals. This is not the way to go about things. You should make sure that your goals are realistic and practical.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is a type of therapy that has gotten really trendy and popular within the span of the last decade. It has become so popular that even Hollywood A-listers are now using them. The list of benefits that you can get from red light therapy is so extensive, that it is literally impossible to list them all here. It is simply beyond the scope of this article. 

For people who suffer from anxiety of any kind, light therapy bulbs can really be a blessing. Oftentimes, the reason we get anxiety is because of our modern lifestyles that require us to stay indoors for almost the entirety of the day. This means that you are not getting the natural sunlight and its vitamins and minerals that are extremely necessary in order to maintain proper mental health.

With a light therapy device, you can simply just use the device at your home and get all the vitamins that you need. Before you embark on this light therapy journey, make sure that you consult with a doctor so that you can get the right device that is suited for you.


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