How to Get a Phone Number of the UAE for Calls to Dubai?

Calls to Dubai

IP telephony is becoming more and more popular and demanded. This is the most convenient and modern way of telephony, which allows you to communicate with different parts of the world. HotTelecom offers an advanced service to take advantage of VoIP telephony while dealing with partners from the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to the UAE virtual phone numbers all inconveniences of regular Calls to Dubai or phone practices will disappear. You can get a virtual phone number very quickly on the website of HotTelecom 

Advantages of VoIP Telephony

  • advanced functionality
  • local OAE subscriber number 
  • easiness of use
  • no need for SIM cards or equipment
  • possibility to connect through any convenient device
  • reliability and steadiness of connection
  • confidentiality and privacy of your talks
  • very low costs.

By purchasing a virtual number, you get a lot of additional benefits that you never dreamed of. For example, you can program where the calls should go. You could choose landlines in the office for the day calls and personnel’s smartphones for evening messaging. Also, a single virtual number of the UAE allows you to communicate with several clients at the same time. This is a brilliant possibility for managing a call-center. 

Steps You Should Follow to Purchase UAE Virtual Phone Number

  • Enter all your data in the registration form at the HotTelecom website
  • Choose the local subscriber phone number out of several options
  • Specify your preferred settings for calls and messages
  • Pay for your virtual Arabic phone number
  • In 24 hours receive a confirmation by email and start communicating with your Arabic partners.
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With virtual UAE phone numbers from HotTelecom you will be surprised how much faster it will be to establish contacts with business partners for Calls to Dubai. You will no longer save on communication, and your business partners will become your friends. Families will be able to communicate for as long as they want. VoIP telephony with HotTelecom erases the boundaries in communication between people. 






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