How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Video Chat

use of video chat

Video chat is useful modern communication technology. It is synchronous and allows communicating and exchanging information at a distance in real-time. It uses the capabilities of ordinary personal computers and various types of video cameras. One-on-one (consultation), one-to-many (lecture, press conference), or many-to-many (teleconference) communication are commonly used today.

Video chat allows sending audio and video to all participants. Various electronic documents that contain text, spreadsheets, graphics, computer animation, etc., can also be transmitted. Of course, video chats cannot wholly replace personal communication, but they allow us to achieve a fundamentally new level of communication between subjects, sometimes separated by thousands of kilometers. The advantage of video chat is the ability to transmit a moving image.

The Use of Video Chat in Today’s World

The possibilities of modern video chatting are great. And the quality is so close to real live communication that today there are almost no areas where this technology is not used. For example, in vocational education, students can use video chat to communicate with other participants, participate in round tables, and so on. In the business sphere, video chat allows educating employees, discussing long-term development strategies, receiving feedback on the effectiveness of the campaign, etc. Video meetings also help in personal life. For example, Chatroulette websites allow users to communicate with strangers via video chat. You can call random strangers and have a pleasant conversation by visiting such online platforms. Live chat with girls is very popular among men who want to communicate or find their true love.

How to Make Your Video Chat More Productive?

The list of areas in which the use of video chat is appropriate can be listed for a long time. However, the main topic of this article is “How to get the most out of your next video chat.” Therefore, it seems appropriate to proceed directly to consideration of this question.

Choosing a Program to Have a Chat with Video

In addition to the popular Skype and Zoom, many other video chat services are available today. Consider the list:

  • Chatroulette. Chatroulette websites have a simple and clear interface and are used by those looking for a stranger to chat with. Thanks to a large number of users, you can go from one video chat girl to another until you find a person for the best communication experience;
  • Microsoft Teams. The program is convenient primarily for its ability to work with office documents. In addition, even the free version of the program allows creating a chat for up to 300 people;
  • Talky. This fairly simple program allows you to create a chat in which up to 6 people can speak. The encrypted link makes the conversation private;
  • Whereby. This service is similar to Talky; only simultaneous chat in the free version is possible between a group of up to 4 people. You can share the screen and videos on YouTube;
  • Discord. This popular program allows you to make a video call without problems and share files without overloading the system.
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Things to Do on Video Call

To make your video call better, you need to structure it and pay attention to a few things:

  1. Firstly, use time wisely. Studies show that attention begins to dissipate after the first 7 minutes of a conversation. The most important information should be said in the first minute and a half of the live chat girls talk. By limiting the length of a speech, you can help the participants in the video conference choose what is really important for the message. Then their thoughts are more likely to be heard;
  2. Secondly, it is important to pay attention to the order. Even in offline conversations, background noise is created instead of a coherent discussion when several people start talking simultaneously. Therefore, it is better to write down the order of performance of each participant and suggest the approximate time;
  3. Thirdly, it is recommended to draw up a conversation plan. This is especially important if several issues need to be discussed;
  4. Fourthly, at the end of any video call, schedule 10-15 minutes for questions and free discussion. This is necessary not only for the listeners but also for the speaker. For example, he can remember what he forgot to say and complete his speech.

Putting into practice all of the above, be sure that you will impress a video call!

The Etiquette for Video Conferencing

Basic rules of etiquette for video conference participants include:

  • Turn on your camera. You may find it uncomfortable to look up at the camera because you want to see what is happening on the screen. But if you look at the camera from time to time, restoring eye contact with the participants in the video call, they will be sure you are listening to them carefully. If you have an external camera, it is highly desirable to place it as close to the monitor as possible;
  • Don’t interrupt. Try not to interrupt other conference participants. If you want to say something, do it for a good reason. For example, to push colleagues to make a decision or to stop a heated argument;
  • Make sure the technique works perfectly. 220% of users claim that poor audio quality is the most significant problem they have encountered during video chats. Therefore, check all equipment and the application used beforehand;
  • Turn off the microphone when you are silent. Turn it on only when you speak. Noise can be distracting or even annoying to other participants;
  • Be polite to other meeting participants. It is important to be as polite as you would in personal communication. This means that you need to pay attention to each speaker, listen carefully, and not be distracted from the topic of the video meeting;
  • Dress appropriately. A clean shirt and a tidy hairstyle are what you need to look neat during a video chat. Therefore, try to take care of your appearance in advance.
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Helpful Tips for Improving Your General Video Chat Experience 

Here are 7 simple steps to make your video chat experience more efficient:

  1. Decide through which program you will communicate. You can conduct a small survey. Probably someone from the team has experience in online meetings and will suggest the best option;
  2. Agree on the rules. You may find it convenient to meet online daily or weekly. Then make sure the whole team is at the computer at the right time;
  3. Prepare a technical memo for the team and indicate what equipment is needed (microphone, camera, downloaded software). Make a test call in advance so that everyone can check the quality of the connection and, if necessary, repair the equipment, make the proper settings, etc.;
  4. If you plan to make a video, pay attention to how to do it in a particular service. There may be an auto-planning function at the stage of creating the event. And in some services, the record can be enabled only before the meeting;
  5. Make sure no one distracts you;
  6. Think about how you will record the results of the meeting;
  7. Agree on which backup channel will be backed up if there are technical issues with the main one.

Follow the above rules and make your video meetings as productive as possible!


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