How to Start Your Own Hair Extension Business in Toronto?


If you want to open your hair extension studio, it is important to take care of all the details that will attract customers.

We have collected for you 5 key factors that will help to establish a profitable business in this beauty sphere.

1.Find reliable hair extensions wholesale supplier

Your chosen partner must be reliable and known on the market for at least a couple of years. It should also offer a large selection of quality products that meet all modern standards. In order not to spend much time searching for such a partner, we recommend using the services of the popular Canadian company I Love Slavic Hair. Here you will find an excellent selection of quality Slavic, Dyed (Russian), and European hair of different weights, textures, and shades, prepared for various extension techniques. Also on the site, you can buy all the necessary tools and accessories: hair irons, keratin, combs, etc. The great advantage of I Love Slavic Hair is the possibility to order hair extensions wholesale. This is especially important for those who are only planning to open their business in Toronto and are looking for ways to save money. 

You will be satisfied with the quality and price of these products!

2. Prepare the necessary documents

Make sure you run your business legally. 

Get a certificate of registration, business license, and tax identification number, sign an employment contract with employees, arrange an insurance policy, etc.

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3. Rent a studio for work

Ideally, it should be located in the city center or any other place with convenient transportation.

Think about how you plan to brand your office: work on the design that should appeal to your target audience. Perform an analysis of competitors in your niche and find a unique solution that will stand out your business from the rest.

4. Hire personnel

Will you work on your own or will there be other beauty professionals in your studio? If so, it is worth hiring staff in advance, before the studio opens. 

Your employees should be well motivated. And motivation, as you know, requires costs. Do not forget to include it in your financial calculations.

5. Promote Your Studio

Professional services are good, but without advertising they are nothing. Think about how customers will learn about your brand: promote the studio on social networks, order targeted advertising or advertising from influencers who will share information about your business with their target audience. 

Experiment, try different ways to assert yourself and your business – and you will succeed!


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