Huawei Mate Pro tablet To be Out soon- Details Leaked


Rumor sites have spotted renders of a new Huawei tablet that could sit at the high-end of Huawei’s mid-screen range. The tablet has a smooth look with a thin bezel and also a ‘hole-punch’ selfie camera on the front screen.

The tablet has been revealed in leaks, but has not been made official yet, but when (or if) it does arrive, it will be the first major release to take the hole-punch design from smartphones to tablets.

There are two names being rumored for the tablet, either the MediaPad M7 — which fits in with the company’s existing run of tablets — or a rebranding to MatePad Pro.

Huawei Mate Pro tablet To be Out soon- Details Leaked
Huawei Mate Pro tablet To be Out soon- Details Leaked

The hole-punch screen is what makes the tablet standout at the moment. The design is an alternative to the notch, which is easily hidden by your hand for a fullscreen experience when holding a phone in landscape orientation.

This will remain true for a tablet, but notches have never become a common design trait on big-screen devices, and because the Huawei tablet still has bezels around the screen, it’s an unusual choice here.

Leaks label this tablet with an internal codename “Marx,” but prolific Twitter leaker Evan Blass chimed in to say this would be the Huawei “MatePad Pro.”

The device is pictured with Huawei’s professional-looking keyboard attachment, similar to Apple’s iPad Pro keyboard. Sources also claim the tablet will support Huawei’s M-Pen stylus.

The leaked image is shown in black and white. However, Huawei is currently locked out of the Google services program while the company is still under investigation by the U.S. government. It’s still unclear on what OS this new tablet will be running.

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A small tablet with beefy sound :

Huawei’s MediPad tablet rocks Harman Kardon-tuned speakers and a curved edge display, which makes this a direct shot at Samsung’s tablet lineup (and maybe even a worthy iPad competitor).

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