Huawei Mate X release Date postponed Again!

Huawei Mate X release Date postponed Again!
Huawei Mate X release Date postponed Again!

Huawei has not yet delayed the release date of its foldable smartphone, the Mate X. The company is making changes to the design of Mate X, resulting in delays.

Huawei will likely release the Mate X between September and November. Technology website Techradar first reported the delayed launch of the foldable smartphone at Huawei’s press event at its Shenzhen headquarters.

The company confirmed in its statement that the Mate X is still to be released “between September and November 2019”.

Huawei Mate X release Date postponed Again!
Huawei Mate X release Date postponed Again!

Last week, it was reported that the Mate X could be released in limited quantities in September. The company is said to have fixed some minor issues and improved the design of the Mate X.

The Mate X now comes with Falcon Wing’s design and has a slimmer lock button. It will continue to have a steel back unlike the optional aluminum back which is not sufficiently strong in Huawei’s tests.

The report also mentions that next year’s Mate X will feature an additional performance. It is possible that Huawei replaces the steel cover with a glass back that can be used as a touch display.

The delay of the Huawei Mate X led to Samsung first launching the Galaxy Fold. Samsung has been confirmed to launch Galaxy Fold in September after making some improvements to the foldable device.

The space between the hinge area and the display has also been reduced, and Samsung has added new safety caps up and down to correct the issue.

Huawei and Samsung have still not confirmed the exact launch date of their respective foldable smartphones.

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