Idris Elba responded to Chrissy Teigen’s challenge with a 1995-ish photo


Model Chrissy Teigen apologized to her husband John Legend after actor Idris Elba responded to her throwback challenge with a picture of himself from 1995.

The legend was recently crowned the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine. The ‘All of Me’ singer embraced the title and tweeted saying he was “perplexed” by the new title.

He also shared an old photo wearing a pair of oversized glasses and compared it with a current photo of Idris Elba, who held the title last year.

Elba responds to Teigen

Teigen, who is quite enjoying her husband’s new title, replied to the tweet and challenged Elba to release a throwback picture saying, “Yeah but let’s see an @IdrisElba pic from 1995 (prob still very hot).” Elba responded to Teigen’s tweet a day later with a throwback picture of himself. “1995-ish.” read the caption.

Idris Elba responded to Chrissy Teigen's challenge with a 1995-ish photo
Idris Elba responded to Chrissy Teigen’s challenge with a 1995-ish photo

The 33-year-old model apologized to Legend tweeting “sorry @JohnLegend, I tried!!!” He compared it to a smoldering picture of the modern-day Elba. Naturally, the responses prompted a hilarious thread of responses on Twitter.

Twitter responds

Twitter immediately swarmed the actor’s mentions with thirsty comments that had me leaning back in my chair like this iconic Rihanna gif. Other posts included hilarious memes such as popular vines and covers of celebrities shot at the proper moment and proper time. 

The cutest couple Hollywood’s seen 

Legend and Teigen are one of Hollywood’s most high-profile couples. They met in 2006 while filming the music video for his song Stereo and tied the knot at a ceremony in Lake Como in 2013. They have two children together – daughter Luna, three, and one-year-old son Miles. Legend, who wrote the hit song All Of Me about Teigen, told People she is the love of his life.


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