There is a difference between school and college life. College life is a completely different life, and one becomes more independent. Thus there are few things one needs to have when in college. So, if you are looking for things to carry to your college, check out our list below! And we’re sure you would definitely not miss out on the important one!

Here is a list of 10 things one needs to survive in college

  • Laptop

A laptop is the most important thing a student in college should have. College gives the students assignments and many other works, which a laptop can only do. When in college, one also can use a laptop to write blogs, graphic designing, do research works, etc.

A laptop is also a good device that can be used for recreation. One can watch movies or listen to music in their free time on the laptop. But the most important use of it in college is, it makes a student’s life easier because it is easier to do assignments on a laptop than on mobile.

Right now, people are currently using the Asus laptop as it’s proving to be one of the best ones!

  • Backpack

It was something used in school as well. A college student also needs a backpack. A student needs to keep a lot of things while going to college. For example, for holding snacks, keeping books, pens, pencils and important files, you may need one. Thus,look for  a backpack with lots of pockets so that you can keep all your essential stuff.

  • Power bank

A power bank is important when studying in college since you cannot find a charging point everywhere. There might be days in college where one had to stay longer than needed; in such times, a power bank will come in handy the most. The power bank will help one charge their phones anytime and anywhere. Thus, a power bank is important in college life.

  • Calculator
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Even a student studying arts needs a calculator. Carrying a calculator in your bag when in college is important because you never know when needed. It is more important for students in commerce and science streams because not every professor will allow students to use the mobile calculator. Thus, for such times calculators are important to carry in college life.

  • Water Bottle

Although this is used in schools, it also plays an important part in college life. One should always carry a water bottle to college because sharing water is not good. Also, carrying a water bottle to college spares one a lot of time because they won’t have to go near the water filter whenever they are thirsty. Thus, carrying a water bottle saves energy as well as time, the two most important things in college life.

  • Stationeries

In college, one must always carry their own set of surplus. One must have their own set of pens, pencils, highlighters, textbook, copies, dividers, compass, etc. College students barely carry these things, so when they need them, one might not get these even if they borrow. Thus, carrying one’s stationery is important in college life.

  • Wet wipes and cleaning wipes

A college student has to go to a lot of places alone. Thus wet wipes and cleaning wipes are important for such purposes. Wet wipes come in handy when there is no water around to wash hands. Cleaning wipes come in handy to clean the laptop, phone, keyboard, etc. The wipes are cheap and come in a lot.

  •  Planner

When in college, a student often finds it difficult to keep track of everything because of their workload. Having a planner will help them record their homework, class schedule, etc. A planner will help a college student to stay punctual and organized.

  •   Binders
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Binders can come in handy the most when in college. The binders can store up to 400 papers. College students can keep their important notes and documents there to avoid losing them. They have small pockets for more use.

  • Noise-free headphones

Headphones omitting out the outer world’s noise is a must-buy for a college student. It helps when traveling alone or studying in a class full of students or a park. One can also make use of them while in the gym or jogging.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly what the most important things are to use for college students. So, go ahead purchase these, and happy studying!


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