We are living in 2022, a fast and electronic world. The advanced and electronic world has its own requirements and needs. Communication, being the vital reason for global shrinkage, has developed many forms and methods. Virtual communication has expanded its wings and has taken many dimensions. Anonymous communication is now the need of the era, to express love and hate and to keep follow ups of desired persons. It protects your identity and personality but still keeps you up to date with the latest.

InstaNavigation, an Instagram story viewer, is a new tool in the town that helps you tour Instagram with concealed identity so that no one knows who visited their stories and posts, thus helping you reach out to much more on this social app without worthless registrations, authorizations, and payments.


We provide exciting Instagram story viewing features that will make you try it out again and again. We like you to visit and try out our Instagram story viewer, at least once, to observe our features closely. We build trust and credibility with our InstaNavigation visitors due to our quality and high end features. Some of our matchless features that hit pain points of our visitors are as under:

Free of cost service: We are providing a free tour to Instagram anonymously through InstaNavigation. We charge you nothing for keeping an eye on persons or celebrities you like to follow. Every service is free till now and will be free always.

Hassle free procedure: Unlike other Instagram story viewing tools, our procedure is quite simple and easy to understand. You do not need to waste your worthy seconds over a useless and unnecessary system with no registrations, authorizations, and entering credit card details. No need to get headaches for minor follow ups.

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Guaranteed anonymity: we ensure confidentiality while you look at stories, posts, comments, IGTVs, and much more. The basic objective behind the birth of InstaNavigation was to shield and protect the user’s identity and personality while you visit stories of your loved ones or oven your competitors.

Easy download: We provide you with the option of storing your favorite content in the exact same great quality on your laptop or phone gallery for future use. However, we encourage you only download stories for educational purposes. This is one of the features our visitors are loving and waiting for more modifications and improvements.

Future plans with new opportunities: we are constantly working on improving the quality of the user experience and creating new features to open doors to the future. More details of our upcoming specs are described next.

No need for an Instagram account: we help you in participating in anonymous communication through direct and easy methods. There is no requirement to create a registered account on the social media app Instagram just to follow the accounts you wish to see every day.

Unlimited use: there are no such daily, weekly, or monthly visits like other websites and apps that offer similar features. You can search and look for new updates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week countless times.


We assist you in watching on and viewing any Instagram story, as well as providing a simple download button, so that you do not lose any necessary updates from your targeted individual.

  • The service is 100% free, no payments or credit card detailed needed
  • Anonymity is guaranteed. You may browse at news, posts, likes and comments, IGTVs and videos without ever attracting the user’s notice.
  • Easy download- we provide you the option of storing your favorite stories in the same high quality to your laptop or phone gallery for future use.
  • You do not need to join into any system, install extraneous files, or run any software to view any Instagram story.
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Some awaited projects for this social media application are under construction. While we have your continuous support and dedication, we work steadily to eventually launch our new features for use so soon. Don’t miss any opportunity to peek into the future using our services. . We love to share our upcoming projects with you, which are as under: 

  • InstaNavigation will soon enable people with no Instagram account to view restricted or blocked accounts as well. 
  • You will also be able to download stories, posts, IGTV, and videos into your phones and other gadgets so that they are accessible to you whenever wherever needed.  
  • Our team is also working on a feature that will permit you to browse articles from private accounts. 

Many more fascinating and innovative functionalities are being developed and are eager to get your attention.


In case of any questions or queries regarding our features or  their use, you can always reach out to our website. We would be glad to learn and earn your reviews regarding our service to improve it further and to make necessary changes. Do not hesitate to reach us and try your first anonymous Instagram story viewing, 100% free of cost, only at InstaNavigation. 


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