Is Butterfly MX Intercoms Worth It?


In this lifetime, there will always be second thoughts or doubts whenever we try to choose and decide something. We tend to consider whether it is a good try or will leave us crying. We tend to select the good and bad of a situation, a thing, and a product we will potentially interact with and buy. We all have considerations, and you, as a consumer, must not overlook them. When assessing effects, you should know their advantages and disadvantages and be aware of the possible alternatives. Like the Butterfly MX, it has its significant purpose, but you also need to look at its resorts. It is your right always to know your options as a consumer. It might be tough to narrow down some excellent options, but we are making it easier for you. But first, you must know the greatness of the ButterflyMX Intercom and understand what the netizens review about it before you jump on the top ButterflyMX alternative. Here is everything you need to know about the product; make sure to list some essential details, and share this with your friends for future reference.

What is ButterflyMX?

Butterfly MX is a US-based company whose production is all about excellent access controls and video intercoms. Access controls provide entries to multiple settings, namely, buildings, apartments, condominiums, and establishments with entrances. ButterflyMX vision is for the betterment of all residents and visitors, making their everyday situation lighter than ever. This company is known for producing intercom panels that come along with a touchscreen interface that is on an entrance of an apartment, condominiums, and more.

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Their pricing varies depending on the size of the model or variant and its hardware price. The ButterflyMX 7-inch model roughly costs about $4,995 list price, and the Butterfly Mx 11.6-inch model costs about $6,995. In addition, Butterfly MX has bills you must pay, like a subscription, to keep the operation continuous. 

Here Are A Few Of The Butterfly MX Intercom Features

1.) Video intercom calls for visitors

2.) Pin pad access

3.) Building Access control

4.) Different screen sizes

5.) Mobile app-based door unlock

6.) Handle visitors and deliveries

7.) Touchscreen interface

Top Alternative For Butterfly MX

All About Swiftlane

Swiftlane is known for its extensive, excellent features, high-performing, and modern-looking video intercoms. San Francisco is Swiftlane’s headquarters. Swiftlane’s video intercom ranges from $1450 to $2250, depending on its variant. They also have an accessible online website where you can see all the details about the company and all the essential information; plus, you could book an appointment for their demo.

Here Are Some Features That Butterfly MX Do Not Have, But Swiftlane Does

1.) Face Unlock

Over 95% of the residents favor this kind of feature; this kind of access will no longer require unnecessary contact with the screen. 

2.) Loitering Detection

We cannot avoid or control someone’s behavior; when you encounter neighbors doing or creating a mess within your area, your Swiftlane video intercom could detect it. With this feature, you will be aware, and you could have some proof of the incident to report to the officials.

3.) A Vandal Resistance Touch Screen

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As we said, you cannot control someone’s behavior; nowadays, vandalism can happen anywhere, even in your area. With Swiftlane, the intercom is a vandal resistance touch screen. Any hints, inks, and mess will not be visible.

4.) Integration With CCTV Camera

This Swiftlane feature is also not present in Butterfly MX. It is an excellent feature because when a CCTV camera and a video intercom work hand in hand, it will be easier for you to be aware and have a vision of your house’s condition anytime.

Other Swiftlane Features That Are Not Present In Butterfly MX

1.) Free Property Management System integration

2.) Can Detect Security Threats

3.) Android IOT

4.) A Video Intercom Cellular Based

5.) Resident Entrance via the Mobile app, Face Unlock, PIN, Siri Voice Unlock


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