Is it worth moving from New York to Los Angeles?

Los Angeles

Being home to approximately 4 million people, Los Angeles is still considered to be one of the top destinations to move in. It is a city of contrasts — the high mountains view changes to the Valley, and the hot weather competes with rainfall. It is a city where you meet different kinds of people, and the cross-cultural influence radiates from every corner of LA. The cuisine, style, art, and mindset of people combine the culture of different nationalities. That is why many people of art move here because it is a unique opportunity to get a new point of view and get inspiration for your future works.

Not fond of entertainment? A lot of businesses, the manufacturing, and hospitality industries, are also represented here. It is a city of opportunities and whether you want to open your own business, become an office worker, conquer Hollywood or become an independent artist it is all available here.

If you dream about going to the concert of your favorite group, then LA is perfect for you. It is a must-visit destination for every band and concerts are held here almost every day at different spots clubs, scenes, etc. LA is also a home for many Hollywood celebrities actors, writers, and producers. It is not a big deal for locals to meet the person they just saw on the red carpet in the corner store.

Compared to New York, LA is the place where you can go skiing in the mountains and chilling at the beach on the same day. You can enjoy an urbanistic view as well as have a rest in nature just in one place. Explore the outdoors and nightlife scene, become a local, and find your passion in life. All this is possible if you carefully prepare for your move. For instance, have you already chosen what neighborhood you are going to live in? Los Angeles is a big city with a huge traffic issue. You will have to choose the region as close to your job as possible.

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There are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from and by reading the information on the web or asking locals you will quickly understand what part of the city is best for your relocation. You will also have to think about how you are going to move your belongings over such a long distance. It is a stressful issue to think about, especially when managing it on your own. Or you can trust this matter to professionals and use the service of movers from NYC to LA. Here you can read about SEKA moving services and how to book a move.

How SEKA Moving and Storage services can help you

It does not matter whether you want to move a 5-bedroom apartment, an entire office, or just a couple of precious antique vases and a piano. All this is possible with SEKA services. They pack and move items of different value in any US direction. There is a list of possible services that the company provides:

  • the company packs and moves specialized items — this includes pianos, antiques, paintings, and other art objects;
  • no need to be concerned about fragile items such as refrigerators, glass tables, and so on the white glove moving services will carefully pack and move the item as safely as it can be;
  • the SEKA will deliver your goods in any US state your things will be carried on well-maintained trucks, and it is almost no chance for your cargo to be stuck in the middle of the road, no worries about additional expenses, and loss of goods anymore.
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The moving services are available for you all year round. But there are some buzzing months you should keep in mind. As with any other moving company, there are special months that are considered to be the busiest. You can read about what is the best time for moving at the official SEKA website in the FAQ column down below. 

How to book your moving

There are three options for you to book a move. You can fill out an online form on the website. Here you will need to specify where you are moving from and what is your destination. Then tell us the desired date of moving and the approximate size of your goods. Click on the button “Next” and provide your contact information including your name, phone number, and email address.

You can also send an email. If you prefer to talk to a living person, then you can make a call. The contact information of the SEKA moving company is on the website. Ask any question that is related to your move and in the shortest time, your dream will come true. 


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