Jenna Dewan Revealed she had an ‘instant connection’ with Steve Kazee


Jenna Dewan sensed a “quick connection” with her new beau Steve Kazee. The ‘Step Up’ actress has started to see the Tony award winner after she divorced from ex-husband Channing Tatum – with whom she parented six-year-old daughter Everly – and has revealed she “wasn’t searching” for love when Steve came into her life but felt a connection that was too hard to not pay attention to.

She said: “I wasn’t searching for it. But it kind of brought me by complete storm. It took place when I least expected it.

“It was an instant connection when we met each other. Our of nowhere. There was no chance we could ignore it. So in my eyes, it was truly, fully meant to be. There was like a thunderbolt behind it.”

Jenna Dewan Revealed she had an 'instant connection' with Steve Kazee
Jenna Dewan Revealed she had an ‘instant connection’ with Steve Kazee

Jenna, 38, and Steve, 43, first saw each other years ago, but the actress claimed it was only for a short moment.

She added: “I had met Steve years ago in a blink, it must’ve been like 2-3 minutes. I saw him do his act in ‘Once’ on Broadway and I was just totally taken aback by his talent. My mom was with me, and we went backstage and met the actors. He just had a different [vibe] about him.

“Obviously I was hitched back then and so we never talked or met each other again for six years, but I always had the moment in my memory for some reason. And then six years onwards, obviously it becomes public knowledge that we’re separated and he contacted me.”

And whilst Jenna was initially wary of committing to another relationship, she was won over when she understood how “wonderful” Steve was around her daughter.

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There is no news yet about their future plans but we will keep you posted, like always!


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