Jennifer Lopez Revealed about Having Children With Alex Rodriguez


It is no secret that the year 2019 or instead we should say her 50th year has been one of the most successful for Jennifer Lopez. Starting from Hustlers, a movie that starred JLo to going on a world tour. From making the world go crazy with her appearance as the showstopper for the renowned brand Versace at the Milan Fashion Week to getting so many awards. This is not all because the 50-year-old dynamite also got an invitation to perform at the Super Bowl 2020 with Shakira and got engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

Even now when the year is in its last leg, JLo continues to be in the news. Recently in an interview with the People’s magazine where Lopez is the cover girl for the People of the year edition, she was asked whether she wanted to raise her family of six, and she replied with a yes. She cleared that she doesn’t know if that’s her destiny or not but she definitely would like to try and have more kids.

Jennifer Lopez despite being super successful is known to be a devoted mother. A-Rod and JLo both have two kids from their previous marriage. Lopez has two 11-year old kids (twins) named Emme and Max, whereas the names of the two children of Alex Rodriguez are Ella who like JLo’s kids is 12 years old and Natasha who is the eldest of the lot, ages 15 years old.

Jennifer Lopez Revealed about Having Children With Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez Revealed about Having Children With Alex Rodriguez

JLo clarified in the interview, that despite both of their (her and A-Rod’s) careers being so important, the thing that tops in their priority list is being parents to their four kids. The statement does not seem to be much of a lie seeing their social media profiles where the singer/actor JLo and the former baseball player A-Rod is seen spending quality time with their kids together and enjoy family time most of the time.

Given, this is not the first time JLo has shared her interests in growing her tribe, it was hilarious to see Rodriguez getting caught off-guard and startled about the revelation. Though the children of Jennifer Lopez may be extremely excited about the idea of a new baby member, the would-be father doesn’t seem to be aware of the plan yet.

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