Jo Wood has become convinced she’s part alien after years of bizarre encounters with UFOs.


JO Wood has uncovered she’s persuaded she’s part outsider after a progression of weird UFO experiences.

The 64-year-old previous model saw a flying space send more than once around the globe with her ex Ronnie as he visited with the Rolling Stones.

She discloses to You magazine the first occasion when she saw a UFO was on a shoreline in Recife, Brazil over two decades back.

She was resting soundly in their shoreline cottage around 12 PM when Ronnie saw something in the sky and heard him yelling for her to come outside.


“Drifting over the sea was this peculiar article,” she said. There were lights sparkling down from it that reflected off the water,” she told

“I looked as it gradually rose up and floated sideways over the sky. At that point all of a sudden – whoosh – it zoomed off at supersonic speed and was gone.”

Jo began the UFO dislike anything she’d seen on earth and it made the neighborhood paper right away

Also, her next locating came only a couple of years after the fact when she was on the Rolling Stones’ visit plane 36,000 feet above South American oceans.

“A blue-green sphere coasted nearby my window,” she said.

“My child Tyrone, who was 15 at the time, saw it as well.

“I had a similar inclination as I did on the shoreline in Brazil: that it was not from this planet.”

Jo opened up that the experiences have left her with shivering that she’s part outsider herself.

Jo disclosed to You magazine: “Despite the fact that I realize I was conceived on this planet, I feel that possibly my progenitors or a piece of my DNA may have originated from an alternate one.

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Jo, who has her own digital recording called Alien Nation, went ahead This Morning a couple of months back to discuss her confidence in the extraterrestrial.

She said her interest regarding outsider life started at 12 when her father was perusing a magazine called ‘Is God an Astronaut?’


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