Jungkook Releases His Newest GCF of the BTS Members in Finland: Detais inside


On December 27, BTS Jungkook announced the new G.C.F. On YouTube. An amazing video shows BTS members on a tour of Helsinki, Finland. It also shows how talented Jungkook is in many fields outside of GCF music.

BTS fans were impressed by Jungkook’s talent.

Jungkook is very talented, which is why he is called BTS’s “golden corn”. Outside of singing, dancing and rapping, one of the things he specializes in is filmmaking.

G.C.F is a Golden Closet movie, and Jungkook shoots, edits and directs every video. “GCF in Helsinki” by Jungkook. Upon its release, RMY performed superbly in Jungkook’s filmmaking talent.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “There are so many ideas, but GCF. But I still cherish Jungkook and I appreciate being an artist.”

Jungkook Releases His Newest GCF of the BTS Members in Finland: Detais inside
Jungkook Releases His Newest GCF of the BTS Members in Finland: Detais inside

Another fan tweeted, “Just as Jungkook can capture the beauty of human vulnerability in his voice, he can also draw sharp, precious moments/life hypotheses in his paintings. I am thoroughly impressed by his creative gifts.

ARMY loves the new GCF

BTS traveled to Finland in November 2019 for film material for the winter package. Filmed in Finland, GCF Jungkook is just three minutes long and features “Two Every His Own” by Talos. After Jungkook tweeted about the video’s release, fans expressed how much he liked the video.

“There is something very nostalgic and hopeful at the same time about this ending. One fan tweeted that both the colors and the BGM have a very happy secret. Sunrise represents #GCFinHelsinki @ BTS_twt.

The singer’s GCF productions always show BTS through Jungkook’s eyes.

The specialty of the GCF is how Jungkook sees BTS members. Jungkook’s Hyung is often related to every GC he does.

Since Jungkook was very young when he joined BTS, he had a special relationship with everyone. At a particular moment in the G.C.F., RM smiles at the camera and the color changes after the video first burns.

“I think the GCF is not just a gift for the military, I think Jungkook will do that when he catches his memory with his own memories, so he can watch these videos in the future and be with him.”

“All my people have been told a million times, but GCF always makes me happy because we see Jungkook’s height through his eyes,” wrote one Twitter user.

One fan tweeted, “It’s crazy how every GCF sees Jungkook looking at his hyena. He’s taken out the hottest part of her and it makes me cry.”

Get ready, ARMY. BTS will play Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve in New York City on December 31st.

On December 31, but as we get closer to the new year, ARMY can’t help but marvel at the start of 2019 with Jimin’s “Promises” and the very clear release that surprised CTS fans with the heartfelt message behind the song that is as relevant today as it was a year ago.


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