Keter Group CEO Alejandro Pena: Quality of Our Products


As an industry leader in sustainable outdoor home and garden decor, Keter Group has been no stranger to getting positive press and publications from the internet at large. Keter was recently featured in an article published by Gear Patrol for its 2023 Home Awards, a biannual publication meant to connect picky shoppers with the best products on the market to meet and exceed their needs.

The 2023 Home Awards by Gear Patrol explored many different categories. Still, it was Keter’s Denali 200 Gallon Deck Box that took all of the attention for its Best Oversized Outdoor Storage Box award. The award was crowned after the writing team at Gear Patrol carefully curated their research from customer reviews, personal experiences, and their own research efforts.

Keter Group CEO Alejandro Pena was quick to seize the moment to discuss the importance of his company’s sustainability efforts while also underscoring the enjoyability of their products.

Best In Class Outdoor Deck Boxes

Gear Patrol offers awards to companies that meet and exceed the needs of its clients, offering them what they are looking for at unbeatable prices. The awarded products in the 2023 Home Awards cover topics including cars, watches, storage solutions, and even alcohol. The Denali Deck Box secured the Best Oversized Outdoor Storage Box award.

Gear Patrol wrote, “These awards were given out to products that we consider the best in their respective categories.”

The Denali 200 Gallon Deck Box features hassle-free assembly, sustainable resin materials, and weather-resistant surfaces. The box offers gray tones that are sleek and modern, providing a flair reminiscent of stained wood. Keter offers additional storage boxes ranging from 30 gallons all the way up to 230 gallons.

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Integrating Sustainability Efforts

While much of what Keter CEO Alejandro Pena is focused on involves improving his company’s bottom line, he understands that much of his focus should be on sustainable efforts going forward. Alejandro Pena says of his work, “We are starting to be more proactive in trying to collect back many of those products that are being discarded.”

Of course, Keter has a headstart on the subject of recycling when compared to many other competitors within its space. Keter utilizes sustainable and recyclable resin-based materials that are long-lasting, durable, and incredibly easy to work with.

Alejandro Pena and Keter Group have placed a heavy emphasis on rejuvenating their recycling programs in new and exciting ways, even placing their warehouses and manufacturing centers near recycling spots to reduce waste and fuel costs.

Pena added, “One of our responsibilities is not just to our shareholders, but to the communities that we are in and to the environment and world that we live in.”


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