Kim Kardashian: Introduced the West Family’s Precious ”New Babies”-Here’s the Exclusive information


Welcome, Saké and Soba/Soy Sauce! The white and black Pomeranians, respectively, who recently joined the other Kardashian family pet, Sushi. On Instagram and Twitter, the mother-of-four shared. She took to her Instagram to pint out how North has come up with the new name matching with their family pet Shushi.

She wants to call the white one Saké. However, could not decide between Soba\ soy sauce for the black baby. As a result of which they have decided to go by. An Instagram poll ( *smh* Celebs! We tell you)

With some of the internet’s assistance, the Kardashian-West family is making quite an effort to choose between Soba and Soy Sauce, or Soy for short. Up till now on Twitter, users are mostly picking towards Soba with about 74 percent of the poles going to the noodle-inspired name.

Kim Kardashian: Introduced the West Family's Precious ''New Babies''-Here's the Exclusive information
Kim Kardashian: Introduced the West Family’s Precious ”New Babies”-Here’s the Exclusive information

But, Kim is open to new ideas, ass well. She asked her followers for their suggestions and has so far received close to about 700 submissions.

Fans are pretty much amazed to see the family take on a new family pet after an after days after North West’s pet hamster, Blacktail West died.

Fans will remember that the law student was met face to face with the problem of telling North about Blacktail’s demise in an incident of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which Kim wasn’t too happy about.

In a phonetic convo with Khloe Kardashian, the mom said, “This is exactly why you don’t get children a pet. Don’t ever do this to me again. I literally hate you.” After all, Khloe was the one to endow North with a pet during their day of fun together.

But, probably, Kim craved a new pet after Kourtney denied to let her have the Disick family dog, Honey. Kim kind of stole Honey from Kourtney because Sushi is not the calmest pet.

Kim joked, “I mean, whatever I guess. The 38-year-old reality sensation said that her sister can never have the family pet back and well, that she will now have to deal with Shushi barking around ” Forever”.

Besides, how can anyone resist adopting the Pomeranians? We mean just look at those faces! * melts into a puddle*


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