Leggings: the latest fashion trend

Leggings: the latest fashion trend

Latest trendy Leggings are fashionable nowadays, everybody wears them. It is such a versatile and comfortable garment, women all over the world are digging it!
There are different styles and designs of leggings; it is pretty safe to say there is a perfect legging for every occasion, whether it is casual or formal, they can be combined with almost anything. Therefore, we all love them!

There is a wide range of the latest trendy leggings in the market, and they can also be made of different fabrics. Let’s take a look at some of the several types of leggings the industry has to offer.

Legging Lengths

Mid or high waisted leggings: Also known as ¨tummy control¨ leggings for they help you look slimmer by providing additional coverage and sculpting your curves. However, don’t let this attribute give you the wrong idea, these types of leggings are not necessarily made to be worn under your clothes, they are capable of being worn as outerwear as well.

Ankle-length leggings: They cover the leg completely so they are perfect for winter, especially the one with interior fleece. These leggings work excellent with many outfits and can be matched with almost every piece of clothing and boots.

Mid-calf leggings: They are also known as ¾-length leggings. They cut off between the ankle and knees. They are the perfect pair to wear with high heels and a leather jacket.

Knee-length leggings: They cut off below your knees. They offer more flexibility and because of that are preferred as workout clothes.

Footed leggings: They cover completely the leg and hooks in the foot. They look amazing with ballerina flats. 

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Fabric options

There are many different fabrics from which to choose when buying a pair of leggings. Some are more comfortable than others, and some are made for activities, like spandex, which allows you to move more freely. You can pick within any type of fabric, from cotton to leather. Let’s take a closer look:

Wool leggings: They are great for when it’s cold. They can work as an underlayer beneath your clothes, like the high waisted leggings we mentioned above, to keep you warm during the winter.

Leather leggings: They provide a sexy look, but also can transmit a formal vibe. You can wear them for an interview without hesitation, and also to a concert. They are extremely versatile depending on how you combine them.

Jeggings: They combine jean-like materials and leggings, so they look like jeans but are comfortable as leggings. They are a great option when looking for casual looks, they come in all lengths and colors, you can also find them with pockets. 

Nylon leggings: They are the most popular leggings, maybe the first type of legging there ever was. They are light and long lasting, and also don’t wrinkle.

What to wear with leggings

Yes, we know leggings combine with almost anything, but you must know there is a formula that cannot fail and that will make you look amazing, and it´s the following: Long shirt or tunic + layering and accessories + knee-high boots.
Basically, any t-shirt or shirt long enough to cover your rear will be safe to wear with leggings, it can also be oversized cardigans or sweaters, tunics and vests.
Adding accessories really makes a difference; a pair of sunglasses, a bag or a purse depending on the type of look you are going for, a pair of hanging hoops, big bracelets, there are tons of possibilities.

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But the most important part of the outfit are the shoes. Shoes determine the style; for a casual look you can wear ballet flats, slip-on sneakers, or sandals. Sneakers make it a little more sporty. If you are looking to display a more formal style, you should wear boots; any type of boot will suit perfectly, just consider that knee-high boots or the ones that go over the knee are ideal to send a sensual vibe. Ankle boots or high-heeled shoes are the best option if you want your look to be really formal.
The only shoes you should avoid when using the latest trendy leggings are flip-flops, closed shoes with ankle straps and sock-style boots.


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