Learn to Bet on CS:GO in a Few Simple Steps

Bet on CS:GO

Do you want to master CS:GO betting or Bet on CS:GO? You can do it. It won’t take long to achieve a high level of expertise in CS:GO match betting as long as you are familiar with the game.

Find out all you need to know about CS:GO betting or Bet on CS:GO down there. You never know what you will need, from the game’s essentials to its most popular bets.

CS:GO Betting Steps for Beginners- Bet on CS:GO

Betting on CS:GO isn’t as complicated as it might seem to some people. Even if you are new in the eSports betting world, you can still make accurate predictions by taking a few simple steps. Here they are:

  • Step 1: Make sure that the bookie you pick is a legitimate one. Skin bookies have done a disservice to CS:GO betting so many bettors are still suspicious of the bookies they have to choose from. For your own sake, you should choose only legitimate betting sites that have official licenses and follow authoritative regulations.
  • Step 2: Follow CS:GO competitions as possibly the best way to check the number of teams involved. Tournament streams remain free for a long time so you are expected to use them as much as needed. You should treat the betting experience as a free CS:GO crash course that might have a positive or negative result.
  • Step 3: Only bets on a few teams at the beginning of your betting journey. This will make it easier for you to follow the betting rules. Everything happening around CS:GO teams can help you boost your chances of having winning bets.
  • Step 4: Listen to betting guidelines from professional bettors as they know the eSport community inside out. Betting advantages know what it takes to have a winning bet and it costs you nothing to master what they say. This works perfectly well if you listen to a professional opinion. CS:GO betting expertise is completely free once you sign up and can help you all the time. It’s better not to lose such a great opportunity.
  • Step 5: If you want to get the maximum out of your CS:GO bets, it is an excellent idea to learn to play the game in detail. This doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome for your bets. You can still lose. But you will definitely have more chances to win. So if you want to predict the team’s next action, putting yourself in his shoes might be a good idea.
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Choose a CS:GO Event for Betting

CS:GO events are organized around the year. While betting, you need to pick the right event. Think about what you are actually interested in. This can be a small competition or a series of competitions, which come with different prize pools.

The biggest CS:GO events are known as S-tier tournaments. These come with massive prize pools and involve some of the best teams in the world. They are arranged by well-reputed organizers. A great part of the eSports community view them as the most prestigious tournaments. Apart from S-Tier events, there are also the Majors called A-tier tournaments. They are sponsored by Valve, the CS:GO developer.

CS:GO tournaments come up with solid prize pools. A decade ago, bettors were fighting for $25,000. Today, they are having $250,000 or even more at stake. No wonder that more and more people are interested in trying their luck with CS:GO betting. Apart from having absolute fun, they can also earn a solid amount of money.

Another very popular CS:GO league is the BLAST Premier. It is considered to be the successor of the BLAST Pro Series. It is mainly focused on the best North American and European teams. But it is also available for the teams from other continents as well. The league is split into two series: the Spring and Fall seasons. Both of them cover the period of four months each.

Find a Place to Bet on CS:GO

Being the most popular eSports title, CS:GO has a lot to offer to average bettors. But you won’t go far without professional bookies to rely on. Finding a suitable bookie is you top mission, although it’s not as easy as it seems. Even a simple Google search can be enough to collect the necessary amount of information for making further bets.

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While choosing a bookie, you should find across the one that accepts CS:GO bets with real money and skins. Ideally, you need to have a choice. Which betting format is more suitable for you? Which form of betting stake are you more interested in?

Every serious bettor should avoid scams. If anything about the bookie looks suspicious, it needs to be given up immediately. As practice shows, the consequences of choosing a bookie without any research bring a lot of problems.

Summing Up

Betting on eSports isn’t a new thing. But its popularity keeps growing every year. In addition, the number of bookies that cover eSports is getting higher. CS:GO doesn’t make an exception. In fact, CS:GO boasts some of the most lucrative and entertaining tournaments. Well, this can be one more reason to check it out. Top CS:GO events come with different wagers available. So you shouldn’t say no to that.


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