Let’s Rate Destiny 2’s PvE Activities


PvE is the core experience of Destiny 2. All players who start the game from a small tutorial quickly get introduced to what the game will be like for them for more or less 85% of the time. How and where players fight the AI is a very big topic, as Bungie came up with a great number of different enemies, locations, objectives, and designs to make sure players never feel bored playing against the computer opponent. 

So, today, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular PvE activities in the game that all D2 fans adore. And in order to make the whole piece a little bit more comprehensible, let’s divide all PvE activities into categories:

  • Vanguard: Zavaala is the head of the Vanguards, a group of Gurdians-protectors of humanity. He is also the NPC and a vendor that offers players the opportunity to take part in PvE activities with matchmaking such as Nightfall Destiny.
  • Open-World: these are the kinds of activities that revolve around different destinations.
  • Raids are a specific type of co-op activity where your team and preparation play a huge role, such as the Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid.

Exploring Planets


The explorational style of gameplay is the most streamlined experience you’re going to have in this game. Any kind of story always takes players through certain open-world locations divided into zones. There’s always going to be an NPC character that gives out small challenges and missions to complete throughout your adventures on each planet. Completing these missions increases your reputation with that character, which in turn unlocks the rewards on the reputation rewards track. It’s all pretty simple. The fights are also not that complicated compared to something like a Nightfall strike destiny 2 which we’ll talk about later. You’re going to be encountering groups of enemies that roam specific points of interest in the zones.

Whenever you do a quest, it usually takes you to some zone where you might find an entrance to an instanced location such as a dungeon. Of course, there are raid quests, such as the Last Wish raid quest, but we’re not talking about those here. The transition is seamless, but every player plays in a separate version of the dungeon. Dungeons can also be queued up for from the main menu screen. While adventuring, you can find various resources, caches with rewards, and other swag. But in terms of activities, there’s one more thing that we didn’t mention yet. The dynamic events have a timer and can be completed either solo (provided your character is powerful enough) or in groups with other players. The only requirement is that all those who want to participate stand within the radius of the event. Every event features a boss fight at the end and a loot chest after completing the event. Bosses don’t pose a lot of challenges, certainly not as any of the Nightfall strikes Destiny 2 bosses anyway.

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Vanguard Activities


The Vanguard game modes have their own reputation and progression systems with unique rewards. Most players would start with Strikes—separate missions with matchmaking. They are a lot like classic MMORPG dungeons-a group of players move through the location, completing objectives and fighting the boss in the end. This is a co-op activity, so even if you’re queuing up solo, you’ll be put in a team with random teammates thanks to matchmaking.

The other, more serious type of co-op mission is called Destiny 2 Nightfall. This is a variation of the strike with special conditions and increased difficulty. Unlike Strikes, the Nighfall mission changes every week. Players may choose an even higher difficulty level called Grandmaster Nightfall Rotation. In either difficulty, these missions have extra modifiers that always bring something new to the table. These modifiers could have positive or negative effects on Gurdians and simply power up the enemy AI by adding additional hit points or shields to them.

 Whichever Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall this week you do, there’s a scoring system that evaluates the effectiveness of each team member and assigns them their rewards. Needless to say, these rewards are more powerful than those rewarded for completing standard strikes. Grandmaster Nightfalls are for those who welcome an extra challenge in PvE missions and prefer teamplay that isn’t always found in the open-world exploration part of the game.



Now, we’re finally moving to raids. Unlike any Grandmaster Nightfall in the game, a raid is a way more complex and challenging adventure. It requires a pre-made team, which means you can’t just go solo and have random teammates join you. Each raid is an adventure with a story of its own. It has its own characters, a unique plot, a unique location, and unique enemies. But most of all, raids have unique mechanics and puzzles that challenge players who are often more used to shooting enemies.

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Sure, at its core, raids are also co-op PvE activities, the same as Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall. You and your teammates fight enemies throughout the instance and then fight the boss at the end. As is the case with raids, there are several boss encounters, each of which features unique battle mechanics and must be approached very differently. Take the Destiny 2 Last Wish raid, for instance. It takes place in the Dreaming City—a location that is unavailable in the rest of the game and can only be explored as a raid instance. This raid features an overarching theme of an invasion that can be seen throughout all of the raid’s encounters. The main difference between a Nightfall Destiny 2 and a raid is that you must understand that the first is only a more difficult version of the Strike, and the latter is a whole new activity built from the ground-up by the developers to challenge the most sophisticated and powerful of players. In particular, the Last Wish Destiny 2 raid was known for its scale, where each next encounter escalated, culminating in an epic battle with the Riven, the final boss.

If you are interested in playing any of the raids or the Grandmaster Nightfall this week for loot and you need an experienced team of raiders, you should consider finding your teammates outside of the game through a service provider such as Lfcarry. Their professional gamers have immense experience in carrying players through every PvE activity in the game. Be sure to check them out. 

We hope this article was helpful and you now better understand what PvE activities Destiny 2 can offer you. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next time!



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