LG to Launch A Foldable TV With A Built-In Soundbar Soon


A portable TV that you can easily fold to take with you to any desired location. For example, think of a trade show, but also at the campsite. There are many fields of application.

LG is at the forefront when it comes to the launch of rollable TVs, and the Korean manufacturer also sees opportunities in a foldable screen TV model, a recently published patent reveals.

In March 2019, LG Electronics filed a patent with The Hague International Design System for a ‘television receiver with flexible display’. This is a design patent that was approved on 13 September 2019. In addition to a brief description, 9 product sketches are included.

The flexible screen can be folded in zigzag, in 6 equal screen parts. A frame is provided on the sides that protect the flexible screen when folded.

LG to Launch A Foldable TV With A Built-In Soundbar Soon
LG to Launch A Foldable TV With A Built-In Soundbar Soon

This frame also serves as a standard for placing the TV. A soundbar is also integrated. The patent description speaks of a square frame, while the images show a rectangular design.

Thanks to the six folding lines you can fold this TV extremely compact. Once unfolded you look at a kind of curved display, this improves the firmness. This LG foldable TV has a particularly large aspect ratio, which makes the screen ideal for watching films.

It is obvious that this television can be connected to the internet in order to be able to watch digital TV. Whether a remote control is included is unclear, but probably.

In addition, it seems likely that you can also use your phone as remote control via a smartphone app. The patent sketches show a TV without cables, but it is obvious that a power cable is necessary for the power supply.

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Whether LG actually intends to release this foldable television is still unknown. What is striking is that this patent was not applied for by LG Display, but by LG Electronics. This indicates to us that LG is probably further with the development of this TV than many people think.

At the beginning of this year, LG introduced the world’s first rollable TV during CES 2019, the LG Signature OLED R, also known as the LG Roled. A year earlier a prototype of this special LG rollable TV was already shown at the same fair.

The portable 4K HDR smart TV consists of a cassette, where the 65-inch flexible screen automatically rolls upwards.

On the Awards page, the launch date is 23 December 2019. So it seems that LG still intends to officially launch its rollable TV this year.

This immediately raises the question; what will LG exhibit at CES 2020? The Consumer Electronics Show takes place from January 7 to 10, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the LG foldable TV hints to launch the at the CES 2020 event.


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