‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Lyrica Joins A1 On Tour After He Admits To Cheating On Summer Bunni


Could Lyrica Anderson and A1 ultimately be putting his cheating scandal behind them? It seemed that way during the September 2 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, when she agreed to accompany him on tour.

Originally, she said she was only going to advance her career, but when they returned home for Jason Lee‘s showcase, A1 displayed that they had spent a few romantic nights together and Lyrica was again starting to soften up to him.

He did not reveal any details about their “romantic nights” together, but based on the style they walked into the showcase, it is safe to assume that these two are heading for a full-on reconciliation.

‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Lyrica Joins A1 On Tour After He Admits To Cheating On Summer Bunni

“I’m sure everybody is going to be so astonished to see A1 and I walk up hand-in-hand after everything we have been through, but at this point, we are still thinking it out, so oh well,” Lyrica said, as she and A1 made their way into the venue.

She also added that A1 and I just got back from doing our shows on the road, and I must always say he was trying to be a marvelous husband, but it’s going to take a while for me to believe him again.

One thing I do have to give to A1 is he is very supportive of my career, and that is the real reason that he is here tonight — more so as my manager than my man.”

Then, A1 confessed, “Last week, I was looking at losing my wife, and to be honest, that scared the shit out of me.

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I mess up sometimes, but I love Lyrica and I want to be with her. I am glad that after a couple of romantic nights on the road, my wife is starting to soften up, and forgive and forget.”


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